Background screening basics.

Background screening, a.k.a., background “checking” is the process of researching and compiling a variety of criminal, commercial, financial, and personal records about an individual or organization for the purpose of evaluation.

GoodHire specializes in FCRA-compliant pre-employment background screening: Is Jane Doe who she says she is? Does she have a criminal history that may affect her suitability for an open position? Does her educational and employment history check out? GoodHire helps you answer these important questions quickly to ensure you’re minimizing a candidate’s potential risk.

Why use background checks?

Whether mandated by law or just for good measure, background checks are an essential risk-management tool. No matter the business, building a great team is perhaps the strongest catalyst for success. Finding the right candidates can be costly, but GoodHire’s inexpensive background screening makes it smooth and efficient.

How do I make sure I’m following the rules?

The FCRA dictates that businesses can employ pre-employment background checks when they support a clear business interest, like hiring, firing, reassigning, or promoting an employee. The FCRA also mandates a strictly regulated screening process. We’ll help you with these critical steps:

For more detail about the legal framework for FCRA-compliant background screening, click here.