3 Unexpected Ways To Win College Recruiting This Fall

Steven Rothberg

Editor's Note: As the class of 2016 enters the workforce this summer, smart companies are already planning the college recruiting programs that will land the best candidates in the fall recruiting cycle. That means you'll  face plenty of competition if you're in the market for the fresh ideas, energy, potential new college grads offer.

We asked Steven Rothberg, president of College Recruiter, for his advice on how to stand out from the crowd.

Steven was named to Mashable's "Top 20 Twitter Accounts for Career Advice in 140 Characters Or Less" list and mentioned by Fast Company as a top 50 online influencer" in 2010 for his work with the online platform, which helps more than two million students find jobs each year. 

Watch the video for Steven's college recruiting advice, or read it in the transcript below.


Video Transcript

1. Think Beyond Campus Visits

Today what you're finding is that most employers that go on campus are also using interactive recruitment media. They're posting jobs, they're doing targeted email campaigns to students based upon school geography, major, diversity, banner ads, whether they're delivered on the web or whether they're delivered to mobile devices. These are all great ways of reaching those students and recent grads, where you don't have to go on campus.

This fall, pick some "out of the way" colleges. They have great students, and there's less competition.  

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2. Be Strategic About The Schools You Choose

The school that's down the street from you is not always the best school. If you're in a big metro area, there might be a relatively small town an hour or two away from you with a pretty decent sized school and students that are going to be taught to look a little bit harder for a position because they're not in a big metro area.

If you get in a car and you drive those couple of hours and do your interviews there, you're likely to hire a better caliber student than a student who's at a somewhat similar school, but a school that's just pounded by tons of employers.  


    Before you hire the 'top' student, think about retention. Will they stay as long as someone who's less in demand?

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3. Consider Passing On The "Top" Students

Don't always assume that the most prestigious school and the students at the top of the class are the best. Everybody wants to hire the best and the brightest, but it's the best and the brightest for your work environment, not for some other organization's work environment.

You really want to look at outcomes. If you can hire someone, and they're going to be with you for, say, a year, and you can hire someone else, and they're likely to be with you for five years – you're much better off hiring that candidate who's going to be with you for five years. Your return on investment's going to be better. You're not going to have the turnover. You're not going to have the disruptions.

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Steven Rothberg

Steven Rothberg


Founder and President of College Recruiter, Steven Rothberg helps to create and refine the company’s strategy and leads its business development efforts. He has been widely quoted by local, regional, national and international media including U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, FOX & Friends, and CNN. Steven was named by Mashable as one of the 20 top people for job seekers to follow on Twitter, and by Fast Company magazine as a "Top 50 online influencer".

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