4 HR Benefits For Streamlining Background Checks With An API

Justin Meretab

How many different kinds of software (each with its own user names, password, URL, and so on) do you juggle during your day? For most knowledge workers, the answer is: “too many.” HR professionals tend to have more than most, with internal HR systems, job boards, social profiles, applicant tracking systems, and other technologies in the mix.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the key to making the technologies that you use work better together. This means that you can spend more time making decisions that matter, and less time keeping track of logins, signing in and out of programs, and manually tracking information. (See Jessica Miller-Merrell’s excellent overview on the importance of APIs in HR tech.)

At GoodHire, we’re always working to make the background check process easier for our customers. We built the GoodHire API: a “RESTful” web service that gives our customers and partners the power to use GoodHire from within their own applications and workflows.

How the GoodHire API Makes Employment Screening Easier

When building the API, we worked with HR managers and developers to identify ways we could streamline their background check processes. Through this collaboration, we built the four key characteristics that HR professionals asked for right into the API.

1. Speed

When you’ve found the perfect candidate, the last thing you want to do is slow down the hiring process. GoodHire focuses on leveraging the latest technology to bring speed and efficiency to background screening, and our API is no different. The GoodHire API lets you send candidate data to GoodHire from within your existing applications, and receive results in as little as 15 minutes. The API is built to scale, so our response times remain unchanged whether you’re running tens of candidates or thousands.

2. Flexibility

For HR managers, a good workflow is essential for finding great candidates. The GoodHire API has the flexibility to fit seamlessly into any process. Our customers integrate GoodHire background checking into existing internal HR applications to simplify operations. Many of our partners, including applicant tracking systems and job boards, integrate our API to offer a one-stop solution that includes employment screening. The on-demand economy and other fast-growing companies use the API to handle background screening at scale.

API users have full control over how they collect the information needed for the background checks, the candidate experience, and payment methods. We know our users—hiring managers and partners—have distinct needs, and we’ve built flexibility into the GoodHire API to keep every workflow as streamlined as possible.

3. Mobile-Friendliness

When building a background check workflow, mobile-friendliness is essential. Today, almost 50% of GoodHire candidates access our site from mobile devices, and that number continues to increase. The GoodHire API was built from the ground up with mobile in mind. Candidates on the move can receive notification emails, enter their information, and complete electronic consent forms, all from their mobile devices. In addition, the standardized design makes it easy to run background checks directly from iOS or Android apps.

4. FCRA Compliance

Compliance is a challenging yet essential part of the hiring process. When running background checks it’s always important to follow all applicable laws and regulations.

To make things easier, we built strong compliance processes directly into the GoodHire API. The API automatically collects candidate consent, protects candidate data, and provides helpful compliance alerts. In addition, the API minimizes the transmission of sensitive report data, which preserves the privacy of candidates and of your organization.

No matter what your hiring needs, the GoodHire API streamlines the background check process so that you can build great teams.

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Justin Meretab

Justin Meretab


Justin Meretab is a product manager and self-described API-enthusiast, who enjoys writing about product design and the impact of technology on the HR space. In his free time, Justin can be found cycling around the city and working on his own web projects.

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