How Technology Is Changing Hiring Forever

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Technology has revolutionized the way people work and connect at every level. As baby boomers retire from the workforce and an improving economy creates even more jobs, small scale hiring is no longer a viable solution for reaching qualified candidates. Millennials are increasingly making up the bulk of the job seeker pool, and their searches are powered by job seeking apps and connections made with professional online profiles.

In today's job market reaching qualified candidates means advertising online, but access to a large candidate pool isn't the only benefit to digital hiring.

Here are four reasons to consider digital hiring:

Digital Hiring Is The New Black

Hundreds of thousands of new jobs open up every month, and with the ease and access of mobile search, job seekers have a lot of options. Not utilizing the digital space could mean turning off potential candidates or missing out on them altogether.

A streamlined hiring platform not only allows you access to the majority of qualified job seekers, it aligns your brand with efficiency and makes that important first impression on your next hire.

Tech Plays Matchmaker

Job seekers have access to numerous search tools and filters that enable them to hone in on the job that best fits their needs and experience. These features work in an employer's favor as well, directing the most qualified candidates to your job first.

Digital hiring tools make weeding out unfit candidates easier as well, giving the hiring manager the option to pre-screen applicants with online questions or to quickly review social media profiles that give a better sense of the candidate overall. The ability to eliminate online saves you the time of manually vetting unqualified candidates.

Connect To The Right One Right Away

Technology enables immediate communication, especially on the mobile platform so popular with today's job seekers. The ability to get in touch with your ideal candidate as soon as they apply means making a faster hire and getting back to work sooner.

Keep Things Organized – Forever

Starting the process online means that all your new hires' information will be stored for easy transfer to an employee database, allowing you to more efficiently manage documents and streamline HR processes.

If you're looking for a new employee, you already need an extra pair of hands. Hiring can be another full-time job in itself. Incorporating online options in your hiring process offers a simple solution to the most tedious aspects of finding the best candidate. It also lets technology do most of the heavy-lifting, while you continue to do the important work of running your business.

Ryan Eberhard: A product and online marketing expert, Ryan has delivered in hands-on executive roles with an e-commerce startup (Founder & CEO), a global consumer brand (head of eCommerce & Online Marketing), a Series-A consumer startup (ran business development), and a prestigious research university (software engineering management). He is now Senior Director, Digital Strategy at ZipRecruiter. "‹

Ryan Eberhard

Ryan Eberhard


Ryan Eberhard is senior director of digital strategy at ZipRecruiter. He previously delivered in executive roles including founder and CEO of an e-commerce startup, head of ecommerce and online marketing at a global brand, and head of business development at a consumer startup.

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