International Background Checks: Work History, Education, and Criminal Records

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Now you can use GoodHire to check backgrounds for all your candidates – even those who have lived, worked, or earned degrees in other countries.

With GoodHire's new International Background Check searches, you can check:

  • Criminal records
  • Employment history
  • Education credentials

How It Works 

Designed for candidates who are working in the U.S. but have global backgrounds, International Background Checks are available as add-on services to any GoodHire Basic, Standard, or Premium check.

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Prices for the International Criminal Records searches vary for each of the 223 countries available, while the cost of education and employer verification is the same for all countries outside the US.

Each country requires specific documentation before we can search for records or verify credentials. GoodHire emails instructions about the required documents to your candidate and the candidate fills out and uploads the documents directly.

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On these pages, you can review turnaround times, and required documents for:


GoodHire emails instructions about the required documents to your candidate and the candidate fills out and uploads the documents directly.

What You’ll Learn

We’ll provide details of any criminal records found or let you know that no records turned up. For Education and Employer Verification, we’ll indicate whether or not our international data provider could verify the details provided.

Keep In Mind

  • International background checks often take longer than US-only checks, but won’t delay US-only results.
  • International checks aren’t designed for employers trying to hire for subsidiaries in countries outside the US. In-country background check companies should be used instead.

Add International Background Check services to your Basic, Standard, or Premium check whenever you need them.

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Kim Moutsos


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