Learning to Love Compliance – Or To Ask For Help

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“It’s like the buttoned-up older brother who insists we eat our vegetables at the picnic.”

That’s how Meghan Biro, globally recognized HR and Talent Management leader, describes HR professionals’ feelings about compliance in a recent Forbes article. As she puts it, it’s just not “sexy.”

But just as those vegetables protect our health, compliance protects our businesses. Increasingly, companies are facing a complex web of local, state, national and even international regulations governing many aspects of how businesses run.

Changing the way we think about compliance is one way Biro suggests making it more appealing. Instead of thinking of it as something that you have to do, think of it as an opportunity.

Biro suggests weaving compliance right into both your brand and your company culture. Doing so announces that yours is a company that values integrity. And that can give companies an edge with the changing workforce.

Another way Biro suggests is to turn to technology for help. Think of all the statutes that have changed recently: minimum wage requirements, Affordable Care Act implementations, ban-the-box regulations, and marijuana legalization to name just a few. Each of these changes requires modifications in HR strategy, policy, and implementation.

HR technology helps to ease the compliance burden through streamlined compliant systems that guarantee consistency. By automating or encoding compliance, these systems let business owners and HR professionals focus on their areas of expertise: recruitment, engagement, and retention of their employees and running a successful business.

GoodHire, for example, helps automate many compliance-required steps in employment screening. Here’s an example of how:

To comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), job seekers must sign a form acknowledging that they to a background check. Many businesses still handle this consent on paper, which can be time consuming and difficult to track.

GoodHire makes this consent easy and quick, through our e-consent form. The company requesting the background check gives us the candidate’s name and email address, and we take care of the rest. Notification and consent are handled by email and digital signature, speeding the process for the candidate and the hiring company.

GoodHire’s commitment to FCRA compliance is one of the factors that helped us earn NAPBS accreditation. We also have a compliance team on staff to ensure all requirements are in check.

When you make compliance a priority and integrate technologies that specialize in making it easy, compliance doesn’t have to be such a scary topic.

Lauren Small

Lauren Small


Lauren Small is a content and social media expert who writes about hiring, onboarding, and HR best practices. Lauren comes by her HR insight honestly, having observed the culture at diverse employers Amazon, HubSpot, and GoodHire’s parent company Inflection.

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