Create a Developer Dashboard For Your API To Simplify Employment Screening

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The GoodHire API was created to simplify your client’s employment screening process.
The API integrates with your application to make it easy to order and view background checks in your existing workflow. It also supports a variety of integrations to provide your clients with direct access to background screening from within your HR or recruiting platform.

About The GoodHire API

Clients can order background reports directly from your application, receive real-time status updates and notifications within your interface, get candidate consent and information securely, and customize report management interface with your company’s branding.GoodHire API video 2 


GoodHire API Developer Dashboard

GoodHire is excited to announce a new API feature that improves API security and visibility into the API during the integration process.

The newly released GoodHire API developer dashboard will let developers obtain keys, configure settings, and view logs related to the API.

Creating a GoodHire Developer Account
  • Enter your information and create a developer account
  • Once you're registered, you can build the integration using the API key and configuration features within the dashboard

Learn more about the GoodHire API. 

GoodHire Staff

GoodHire Staff


GoodHire's product, design, and marketing teams collaborate to create the new features that make up the GoodHire experience.

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