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New And Improved: Your Employment Screening Dashboard

From the team that brought you the top HR product of 2016 ...

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Can You Spot The Hidden Bias In Your Hiring Process?

Does bias lurk below the surface of your hiring process? Most companies work hard to make the answer...
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Pre-Employment Background Checks 101: Mitigate Your Risk

A series of recent class action complaints against employers leads me to write about what employers...

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New Resource Portal: Better Candidate Experience, Less Work For You

We know background checks can provoke anxiety in even the most qualified candidates.

Put yourself in...

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Skills and Personality Tests: GoodHire, CEB Team Up For Better Hiring

At GoodHire, our mission is to help build trust in the employment process. We do this through ...

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HR Happy Hour Toasts GoodHire For Humanizing Background Checks

“These are not the boring background checks of your dad’s or your mom’s HR.”

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Will Local Ban-The-Box Measures Spread? 2017 Trend Alert

Los Angeles is the latest major city to pass a Ban-the-Box measure (Ordinance 184652) applicable to...

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