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Volunteer Screening Helps Nonprofit SHE-CAN Keep Students Safe

If you’ve ever applied or helped someone apply to college, you know how much work it is. Imagine helping 10 students get into college every year, providing the ACT prep, scholarship essay writing, and application advice for all of them.

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New And Improved: Your Employment Screening Dashboard

From the team that brought you the top HR product of 2016 ...

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Can You Spot The Hidden Bias In Your Hiring Process?

Does bias lurk below the surface of your hiring process? Most companies work hard to make the answer...
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Pre-Employment Background Checks 101: Mitigate Your Risk

A series of recent class action complaints against employers leads me to write about what employers...

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New Resource Portal: Better Candidate Experience, Less Work For You

We know background checks can provoke anxiety in even the most qualified candidates.

Put yourself in...

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Skills and Personality Tests: GoodHire, CEB Team Up For Better Hiring

At GoodHire, our mission is to help build trust in the employment process. We do this through ...

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HR Happy Hour Toasts GoodHire For Humanizing Background Checks

“These are not the boring background checks of your dad’s or your mom’s HR.”

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