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Spooky Consequences Of Using The Sex Offender Registry In Hiring

Easy access to online sex offender registries seems like a win for employers who want to make sure the people they hire aren’t listed. Yet in some states, using that information can have scary consequences.

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Building The Background Check Company We Want To See In The World

When John Oliver mocks your industry, something’s clearly wrong. Earlier this year, the comedian...

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Marijuana Laws Are Changing. Should Your Employment Drug-Testing...

Five states will vote on  marijuana legalization in November. Already, 25 states (and the District of...

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How To Automate All Your Onboarding Processes

Who handwrites employment contracts these days? Nobody!

But if you'd asked that question 50 years...

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International Background Checks: Work History, Education, and...

Now you can use GoodHire to check backgrounds for all your candidates – even those who have lived,...

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Why Now Is The Time To Update Your Background Check Practices

When was the last time you reviewed your background check choices? The reality is that businesses –...

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3 Unexpected Ways To Win College Recruiting This Fall

Editor's Note: As the class of 2016 enters the workforce this summer, smart companies are already planning the college recruiting programs that will land the best candidates in the...

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