Reimagine References: GoodHire Launches Automated Reference Check Beta With aRefChex

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GoodHire’s mission is to help build trust in the employment process. Manager, peer, professional and personal references are a crucial factor in how people build trust. The people who know a job candidate are the most valuable and most accurate sources of information.

However, for many companies, the reference checking process is slow, painful, expensive, and adds little return on investment.

Candidates offer references only from people who say good things, scheduling and calendaring is time-consuming, and references happen so late in the funnel that they rarely help the hiring decision process as much as they should.

More modern solutions like LinkedIn’s skills are thin and hard to trust. New solutions are needed.

This is why we are happy to announce the start of a formal product partnership beta with aRefChex, an innovative startup working on the future of references.

aRefChex, Inc. is an innovative fast growing company disrupting the traditional employment verification and reference checking space with a technology solution that is fast, accurate, and FCRA compliant.

Their product gives companies a way to automatically collect verified references via email + SMS, using customized questionnaires and sophisticated data analysis. The results are more useful reference checks, faster, and at a dramatically lower cost.  

The partnership will reimagine reference checks, considering ideas like:

  • Reference check process automation
  • Reusable references, enabling job seekers to offer them again and again
  • Identity verification of references
  • Leveraging references earlier in the process

“We are excited to be working with GoodHire, a trusted leader in employment screening. GoodHire is well known for its technology edge and unique candidate focus,” said Kevin Anhalt, CEO of aRefChex.

GoodHire and aRefChex share a vision where job candidates can manage their “employment identity” from job-to-job, building a highly trusted and verified “resume.” This, in turn, builds trust with future employers leading to more, faster, and better hires.

If you are a customer interested in participating in the beta program, email us at:

Brian Monahan

Brian Monahan


Brian Monahan, Chief Idea Guy at Inflection and GoodHire, has a passionate vision for a more just and sustainable world. Through his work with both companies and with the Namaste Foundation, he looks for ways to build scalable solutions to meaningful problems.

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