Seven Secrets of a Recruiter

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A company's success relies heavily on the talent it employs. Every business needs it's hard-working staff to generate innovative ideas and transform them into realities. But ask any recruiter, finding this talent is most definitely easier said than done. Ever wonder what a recruiter faces at their job every day? GoodHire has the inside scoop.

Secret #1: No one wants to talk about scheduling interviews.

Recruiters need to be organized. And if they aren't, they need to find an organization system that will help them keep their ducks in a row. Multiple calendars and no open conference rooms? Multiply that with 30 candidates.

Secret #2: Recruiters complain about applicant tracking systems. Frequently.

While in theory applicant tracking systems promise to lower admin work and streamline the hiring process, an average recruiter often faces the struggle of complicated features and phone calls with support reps. The key is to do conduct thorough research and find an ATS that works for your recruiting needs.

Secret #3: Creating positive candidate experiences is a priority.

Finding awesome candidates is hard. And if you manage to get one through the door, chances are they comparing your office and experience with the other 3 companies they are interviewing with. Making sure a candidate enjoys his or her interview process is an absolute must.

Secret #4: We experience heartbreak about the "˜ones that got away'.

Recruiters can't help but feel the sting of betrayal when a great candidate makes it to the final stages but withdraws last minute. Along with time, we invest ourselves in the candidates we're excited about. Think of it as a bad break-up.

Secret #5: We experience adrenaline rushes on hard closes.

On the flip side, recruiters tend to jump with joy when an awesome candidate makes it through the interview process and emails back their signed offer letter. We consider these employees our personal success stories.

Secret #6: Writing compelling job descriptions is hard.

Recruiters must be skilled writers. Selling both a company and position in 50-100 words in a in an informative manner without sounding dry is no easy feat. But recruiters who can handle this task will undoubtedly see higher rate of qualified applicants coming through the door.

Secret #7: LinkedIn is our drug.

LinkedIn has created an incredible network of professionals in every industry imaginable. And with job seekers using the social platform religiously to figure out their next career move, every recruiter needs to rely on their company's LinkedIn page and personal connections to find potential candidates.

Do you have a hard-working recruiter at your office? Make sure you share this article with them and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work.

Hiba Haider

Hiba Haider


Hiba is an expert product marketer with a background in inbound and digital marketing. She writes about recruiting, HR laws, and how to build a great culture and is a proud Babson alumna.

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