Top 15 Twitter Accounts Your HR Team Should Be Following

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With HR communities abuzz on social media, finding expert advice is easier than ever for anyone who needs help or advice. With just a Twitter account and a few key hashtags, you can find resources related to talent acquisition, employee conflict resolution, employee screening, and more. To help you navigate the sometimes-overwhelming world of Twitter, GoodHire has a list of top HR-related accounts you should follow right away!

1. @Blogging4Jobs

Managed by @jmillermerrell and @rblake, you can count on @blogging4jobs to provide fresh content and advice about all things human resources related from their website.

Popular Topics: #HR #Tech #Leadership

2. @UnderCovRec

Self-proclaimed as "˜Probably the Best Recruitment & Career Blog in the World,' @UnderCovRec provides excellent advice for employers and job candidates alike through their blog.

Popular Topics: #Recruiting #Careers #EmploymentSearch

3. @SHRM

SHRM or The Society or Human Resource Management is one of the leading organizations dedicated to the education and advancement of HR individuals. Keep an eye out for their next conference!

Popular Topics: #NextChat #HR #Business

4. @TalentCulture

Talent Culture embraces the "˜world of work' community and hosts weekly chats on Wednesdays 7-8pm ET to address trending work topics of the week.

Popular Topics: #TalentManagment #HR #SocialWorkplace

5. @Jorgensundberg

Founder of @linkhumans, a UK-based social media agency, Sundberg provides insights on how HR teams can use social media to improve their current operations.

Popular Topics: #SocialMedia #Jobs #Recruiting

6. @Drivethruhr

Be sure to catch @bryanwempen, @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy as they host their daily 30-minute radio program covering a wide range human resources topics. Check out their website.

Popular Topics: #HRtechnology #HR #TalentManagment

7. @hrbartender

@Sharlyn_Lauby urges her audience to "˜work responsibly' and provides followers with employee training and retention resources via @ITMGroup and their corporate blog.

Popular Topics: #Managment #Jobs #HR

8. @Recruitingblogs

@Recruitingblogs is a crowd-sourced content network that provides tools every HR manager needs. Be sure to check out their website.

Popular topics: #Recruiting #Sourcing #Talent

9. @lruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann, an experienced thought leader and lecturer, unleashes her quirky personality as she discusses how to grow as leaders within the HR space. Check out her personal website.

Popular topics: #PerformanceManagement #TalentDevelopment #SaaSTechnology

10. @CBforEmployers

With a focus on employer needs and trends in hiring, latest recruitment issues, and other related insights, this twitter account provides you easy access to the latest industry news and statistics.

Popular topics: #Hiring #Skills #Salaries

11. @TLNT_com

@TLNT_com deals with the business of HR, including news, trends, insights, and analysis from the world of HR & talent management. Check out their rapidly growing website:

Popular topics: #Leadership #Hiring #Managment

12. @kevinWGrossman

Director of PeopleFluent, a social media workforce HCM technology company, Kevin Grossman is dedicated to educating HR professional through webinars, conferences, and online content.

Popular topics: #Workplace #Recruiting #Business

13. @HRIQ

Based out of New York City, Human Resources IQ is an online community featuring articles, podcasts, videos, and more from the industry experts. Check out their website.

Popular topics: #Training #TalentManagment #EmployeeRetention

14. @HRZone

HRZone provides the latest HR news, analysis, and thought leadership to keep HR professionals up-to-date with industry developments and future trends. Check out their website.

Popular topics: #HR #Development #HRTech

15. @BillBoorman

Bill Boorman is the founder of #Tru, an ongoing series of recruiting, HR, and technology events held across the world. His specialty is social recruiting and referral programs.

Popular topics: #TalentAcquisition, #HRTech #Webinars

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Hiba Haider

Hiba Haider


Hiba is an expert product marketer with a background in inbound and digital marketing. She writes about recruiting, HR laws, and how to build a great culture and is a proud Babson alumna.

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