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How Your HR Tech Can Help Promote Diversity

Editor’s Note: One of the themes at this year’s HR Tech Conference focused on promoting the business value of diversity and inclusion and HR technology’s role. Christine Cheas, senior partner manager at GoodHire, attended the event and...

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Attracting and Hiring Talent, The Breezy HR Way

Breezy HR is just what it sounds like: software that makes HR tasks a breeze.

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GoodHire Customers: tilr Steers Trust With Background Check API

We’re used to computers suggesting what shoes to buy or what movie to watch. But what if a computer...

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Skills and Personality Tests: GoodHire, CEB Team Up For Better Hiring

At GoodHire, our mission is to help build trust in the employment process. We do this through ...

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HR Happy Hour Toasts GoodHire For Humanizing Background Checks

“These are not the boring background checks of your dad’s or your mom’s HR.”

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Reimagine References: GoodHire Launches Automated Reference Check...

GoodHire’s mission is to help build trust in the employment process. Manager, peer, professional and...

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How To Automate All Your Onboarding Processes

Who handwrites employment contracts these days? Nobody!

But if you'd asked that question 50 years...

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