Winning Isn't Everything, But It Sure Feels Good: Background Check Awards

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That sentiment is especially true when the wins come from a commitment to doing the right thing for customers and our community as a whole. 

So, with apologies for the self congratulation, here's a rundown of some recent GoodHire wins, and why they add up to good news for our customers.

In November, positive reviews from customers propelled GoodHire onto HRO Today's 2016 Baker's Dozen List for customer satisfaction in the employment screening category. Customers rated us high for our breadth of service, ability to serve businesses of all sizes, and general quality.

"There is nothing more frustrating for an HR service provider than to be told that all product offerings are basically the same..." writes HRO Today's Elliot Clark in the magazine November CEO's Letter.

At GoodHire, though, we've always taken a different path.

Background Checks For Companies Of All Sizes

When few options existed for businesses that needed just a few background checks a month (or even a year), GoodHire created one. Business News Daily named GoodHire the Best Background Check for Small Businesses in 2016 for its easy-to-use self-service interface, which requires no contracts or minimum purchases, and its great customer service. 

Fair Hiring Compliance Candidate Experience

FCRA Compliant Consent That's Quick And Easy

With FCRA-compliant consent representing both a major pain point for employers and a potential lawsuit trigger, GoodHire introduced ways to make the process easier for both employers and candidates. That streamlined consent process is just one of the reasons named GoodHire its top pick (over 73 other companies) for Best Background Check this year. 

Reinforcing Candidate Trust

Although many companies pay lip service to the candidate experience, GoodHire goes several steps further: bringing the candidate into the experience from the start, sending every candidate a copy of their results, and giving candidates a way to provide context to any criminal records they may have.

Our True Me candidate experience helps reinforce the great relationship you've built with candidates throughout the hiring process. True Me's emphasis on integrating trust, safety, and fairness into the employer-candidate relationship is so unique that HRE named it to its Top Products of 2016 list.  

Looking To The Future

We're not letting these accolades go to our heads. Even as I write this, the GoodHire team has its collective shoulder to the wheel creating new features and services to make the screening process easier, faster, more accurate, and fair.

As we take stock at the end of the year, though, it's encouraging to know that all the hard work really makes a difference for our customers and for their candidates. 

“Our candidates are confident that their personal information remains secure  due to GoodHire contacting the candidate directly for this information. The  background checks come back quickly, and having options for additional checks  is great.” –GoodHire Customer

Kim Moutsos

Kim Moutsos


Editor in chief of the GoodHire blog The Works, Kim Moutsos seeks out the latest advice on hiring, compliance, background checks, and the future of work. When she’s not reading, writing, or wrangling other writers, she’s likely on one of her daily runs (over 777 consecutive and counting).

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