Affidavit Screening: Nexxus Membership Companies

With just a few details about you and your company, GoodHire's custom Nexxus package will meet all your affidavit screening needs.

Criminal Background Package: $37.00 per check

The custom Nexxus package from GoodHire includes:

  • 7-Year County Criminal Court Search (unlimited counties)*
  • Federal Criminal Databases Search  (includes all 94 Federal jurisdictions)
  • Multi-State National Criminal Database Search
  • SSN Trace + Associated Counties
  • Domestic Terrorist Watch List Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search

Optional add-on services

  • 5-Panel Drug Screen: $28.00 per screen

* Additional charges pertaining to county/state access fees, state motor vehicle access fees, and third party verification fees may apply. Additional fees are only incurred when applicable and include no mark-up in price. These fees are not GoodHire fees.