Instant, Automated Background Checks

Our partner delivers trust for peer-to-peer platforms. 

Growth, Reputation & Safety Are At Stake

1Today’s online platforms require strangers to trust each other. Whether sharing a car, renting a room or entering a home for handywork, your members require trust to transact with you and each other.

2Employment background checks require lots of sensistive data, like Social Security number and address history. But, for an online platform, asking for too many details can slow signups and scare away new members.

Meet iD Background Checks From

iD Background Check Dashboard

Using information you already collect, like name and birthdate, iD Background Checks screen new signups automatically, and return results that your Trust & Safety teams can use to make safety decisions.


“The team has been very easy to work with. They’re very responsive to feedback, and running these background checks has been a huge value-add in promoting homeowner trust.”

- Nate Robert BuildZoom Project Manager

BuildZoom Case Study

To scale its business, BuildZoom used iD Background Checks help hesitant homeowners evaluate BuildZoom contractors’ trustworthiness and foster its own reputation.


One Company. One Team. Many Products.

As part of Inflection, GoodHire’s years of FCRA compliance expertise, big data analytics and commitment to quality and transparency have made it a leader in employment screening. It also means you get the same best-in-class service, commitment to compliance and actionable insights from iD Background Checks.

Not sure whether you need iD Background Checks or GoodHire employment screening? No problem - we’ll help you figure it out. Contact us.

Industry Spotlight - On-Demand Economy


Protect a peer-to-peer community without hindering growth or overly complicating transactions.


iD Background Checks instantly screen new signups, alerting you to potentially riskier members so your Trust & Safety teams can take action appropriate for your business.

Key Advantages


Minimal required inputs, like name and birthdate, streamline the process


Compliant data means you won’t need to worry as regulations change


Speed and cost of service are optimized to meet sharing economy requirements.

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