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    As the HR manager of a younger company, I have to research and implement new systems to improve our operations. I chose GoodHire because it is fast, easy to use, and user-friendly.

    - Bethie Martin, Employer

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    The process was quick and easy. Just a few clicks and I was done!

    - Chris Reynolds, Job Candidate

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    The quick and simple questions that are provided by Goodhire make it easy to complete their application for a background check. Goodhire provided access to my results which has been a first for me. I have to say....they are extremely streamlined and easy for potential employees to complete.

    - Elizabeth VanSickle, Job Candidate

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    GoodHire is pretty easy and I really like it. The comments entered by candidates are helpful at clearing up misunderstandings or filling in information about an offense that standard court records (and other background check companies) don't offer.

    - Ona Dashpuntsag, Employer

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    The hiring process was made fast and easy through GoodHire. I was able to start work immediately without hassle!

    - Holly Thammavongsa, Job Candidate

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    Everything is organized perfectly. Navigating this site is simple and user-friendly. Awesome job GoodHire. Thanks again and keep up your standards of excellence!

    - John Burleson, Job Candidate

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    We are a seasonal business and GoodHire made it possible for me to have flexibility in staffing. The background reports verify a candidate's trustworthiness quickly and inexpensively.

    - John Cochener, Employer