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Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour

Founder & Coach

Elevate Your Career


Creating a Great Candidate Experience with Reduced Headcount & High Unemployment

COVID flipped a candidate-driven market with record-low unemployment, into an employer-driven market with record-high unemployment. Talent acquisition teams are now handling a much higher volume of job candidates, potentially with less headcount. But the candidate experience continues to be as important as ever if you want to win the most qualified candidates. This session looks at five challenges candidates are struggling with, and how you can solve them. Then digs into five Talent Team challenges, and shares how even small teams can solve them—all with a goal to provide a great candidate experience.

Dean Delpeache

Dean delpeache

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

Fiix Software


Bite-Sized Strategies for Diversifying Your Talent Pipeline

To create strong performing teams with best-in-class innovation and creativity, companies recognize they must change their strategies to find diverse talent. As we hire our future teams, we must also consider how employees move through our organizations and develop their careers. This session is designed to help you build talent pipelines for diversity, hire qualified talent and provide internal mobility to contribute to your organization’s overall business strategy through proven methodologies.

James Ellis

James Ellis

Director of Employer Brand



Compete for Talent with a Data-Driven Approach to Employer Branding

As HR and TA teams around the world start to tap into the power of data, employer branding teams need to know how to find and use data. We’re not talking dashboards and metrics, but the data that helps you better understand your own brand and where you live in the talent marketplace. This is the data that helps you get buy-in, make better decisions, work better with other departments, and secure employer brand’s seat at the table—and, ultimately, attract and recruit the new generation of talent entering the workforce.

Marielle Smith

Marielle smith

VP, People Success



How to Hire Remote Employees & Set Your (Newly Remote) Team Up for Success

For some companies, the necessary shift to remote operations came suddenly and unexpectedly when COVID flipped our world. The truth is, hiring remote workers—and supporting current remote employees—comes with new challenges, and requires different hiring strategies. Find out how to determine the core competencies that make remote workers successful at your company, and how to use them to screen candidates remotely. Then apply your learnings to support current remote employees who may be struggling.

Elizabeth McLean

elizabeth mclean

General Counsel



What’s Your Risk Tolerance? How to Plan for Shifting Guidance Around COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to impact business closures and reopenings, guidance for employers from OSHA, CDC, and most importantly the EEOC, continues to shift as well. This session provides a strategic approach for how to assess your business’s risk tolerance, and breaks down changing guidelines for employers, including local mask and social distancing restrictions.

Jen dewar

Session Moderator



Live Panel Session: What Does the Future of Hiring Look Like?

Join our Summit speakers for a live webinar to discuss how the world of work has changed dramatically since the start of 2020, and how we can learn from each other to face the challenges that lie ahead and adapt to a new way of hiring. Watch the Summit sessions and bring your questions for an “Ask Me Anything” discussion at 1pm PT on August 20th—all Summit registrants will receive a special invitation to attend. 


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