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Diversity & Inclusion Strategies:

Take D&I To The Next Level

Diversity and inclusion continues to be an important topic for 2020—and for good reason. The world around us continues to diversify. Our candidates, employees, and customers expect to see people like them represented within our workforces.

What’s more, an investment in diversity and inclusion can make a notable business impact. Diverse, inclusive companies see higher employee engagement and productivity, more innovation, bigger market share, and higher profitability. 

Many companies are making notable progress, but there is still much work to be done. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:
  • What a broad view of diversity looks like
  • How to think about and adopt fair chance hiring
  • Initiatives you can put in place to create a culture of belonging
  • Emma Macan Roberts, Head of Lean In Circles, LeanIn.Org
  • Gary Davis, Inclusion Product Strategist, Greenhouse
  • Ian Stanley Posadas, Program Director, LGBTQ Connection
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Diversity & Inclusion Strategies Take D&I To The Next Level

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