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Background ChecksCompliance Features

GoodHire’s Built-In Compliance Features

We help make compliance easier by automating important workflows and processes. With GoodHire, peace of mind comes with the package.

Peace Of Mind

Why Choose A Compliance-Minded Employment Screening Company?

Running background checks is a legal minefield, and can be costly if not managed correctly. GoodHire
is your compliance partner. Our advanced platform helps your company:

risk of fines and lawsuits.
and stay ahead of compliance updates.
compliance tasks like adverse action with ease.

Technology to Rely On

Automated Compliance Capabilities That Save Time

  • Digital Consent
    Integrated, mobile-optimized electronic consent avoids candidate confusion, speeds up turnaround times, and helps mitigate litigation risk.
  • Record Filtering
    Customize background check results by specifying the types of records to show or hide, allowing you to focus on the records that really matter to your business.
  • Automated Adjudication
    Apply status and adjudication rules to automate background check review workflows, including the option to automatically kick off the adverse action process.
GoodHire dashboard allows you to set adjudication rules for background check packages

built-In Trust

Integrated Adverse Action Makes A Tricky Process Easy To Understand

  • Ease Of Use
    Built-in compliance accounts for federal, state, and local laws, even when they conflict, so you don’t have to be a compliance expert.
  • Peace Of Mind
    Adverse action rules and processes are applied consistently and equally for every candidate to support fair hiring efforts.
  • Less Stress
    Automatic notifications alert you when adverse action steps can be taken legally. User-friendly instructions and built-in waiting periods guide you through the process.
GoodHire dashboard's built-in adverse action workflow


Automation Where It Matters Most

Unlike other solutions, GoodHire’s Integrated Adverse Action takes into account 180+ state, county, and local ban-the-box laws based on your and your candidates’ locations. For companies with operations that span multiple locations, this feature simplifies a complex web of laws—and saves you time.

map of United States shows 35 states have ban the box laws

I really like the ability to do the pre-adverse action notices right from the system. And I also like that it allows the candidates to explain any criminal records that might show up so I may ask follow-up questions.

GoodHire has helped our organization become compliant with laws related to background screening. All forms and materials are created and the use is mapped out for us.

Unique Features

Simplify Individualized Assessments With Built-In Comments For Context

  • Comments For Context
    GoodHire provides candidates a built-in way to add comments directly into their background check, adding important details about criminal records.
  • Request A Comment
    We also make it easy for you to proactively request more information from candidates with the click of a button.
  • Make Informed Decisions
    This context helps you make an informed, individualized assessment as required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
GoodHire feature allows candidates to add information about screening results

GoodHire’s compliance expertise is unparalleled.
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