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Multigenerational Workforces

Tips To Improve Recruitment & Retention

Following over a year of turmoil, people from every generation are rethinking what work really means to them, and many are even calling it quits. What does that mean for your hiring efforts, and how can you adapt your recruiting strategies to meet the needs of a large, multigenerational candidate pool?

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:
  • The differences in what work really means to people of all ages
  • Why different generations view work differently
  • Strategies you can implement to help improve your talent acquisition process for today’s new recruiting and hiring challenges
  • JD Conway, Head of Talent Acquisition, BambooHR
  • Darby Starnes, Director of Organizational Development, GoodHire
  • Sara Korolevich, Sr. Director of Content & Communications, GoodHire
  • Keilara McCormick, Host & Moderator, BambooHR
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Strategies To Recruit & Retain A Multigenerational Workforce

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