Integrated Adverse Action

GoodHire’s end-to-end solution makes a risky, difficult process easy to handle.

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Adverse Action Has Moved Beyond FCRA Requirements

Ban-the-box laws

New ban-the-box laws are taking effect around the country with provisions that can conflict with established FCRA procedures.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods, notification requirements, and specialized processes differ in many states, counties, and cities.


Few solutions available today go beyond FCRA requirements, leaving you to sort out additional fair hiring legalities on your own.

Simply following the federal FCRA adverse action process is no longer enough. With more than 180 state, county and local ban-the-box laws, GoodHire's built-in, localized adverse action workflows make a risky, difficult process easier.

How to Legally Pursue Adverse Action in 5 Steps

You may not need adverse action for every candidate with a criminal record.

When the results of a background check make you reconsider offering someone a job, though, GoodHire helps you treat candidates fairly in a process that protects them and mitigates risk to your company.

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