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Employment Screening For Business
True Me Checks For Individuals
Community Safety For Peer-to-Peer

Run background checks on job candidates and employees of your business.

Run your own, personal background check to see what employers see.

Screen new members of your peer-to-peer platform to ensure trust and safety.

Background Check API for Your Recruiting Platform

Direct access to employment screening from within your application.

  • Jazz
  • ZipRecruiter
  • TriNet
  • TheApplicantManager


Simplify your screening process.

The GoodHire API integrates with your application to make it easy to order and view background checks in your existing workflow.

Simplify your screening process

Increase your HR or recruiting platform’s value.

The GoodHire API supports a variety of integrations to provide your clients with direct access to background screening from within your HR or recruiting platform.

Increase your HR or recruiting platform’s value


  • Order background reports directly from your application.
  • Securely obtain legally-compliant candidate consent and information.
  • Receive real-time status updates and notifications within your interface.
  • Customize your report management interface with your company’s branding.


  • Simple

    Our RESTful API minimizes development time - go live in just a few days.
  • Secure

    Sensitive information is protected by 256-bit encrypted SSL connections.
  • Flexible

    We accommodate your needs, whether you integrate GoodHire into your workflow or your HR platform.
  • Compliant

    Over 18,000 employers trust our FCRA-compliant, NAPBS-accredited employment background screening services.

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