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GoodHire Background Check API

Seamlessly integrate compliant, fast, and accurate background checks into your platform or application.


Integrate Employment Background Checks Into Your App

GoodHire’s API allows you to seamlessly screen and display results in real-time without delaying registration or onboarding
experiences. Ideal for on-demand apps in service industries such as caregiving, delivery, marketplaces, sharing economy, staffing, and more.

Integrated screening allows you to:
  • Grow your community quickly and safely
  • Establish trust and safety
  • Offer your customers peace of mind
The GoodHire API enables you to:
  • Run background checks directly from your application
  • Present a smooth candidate experience
  • Control the user experience and branding


Manage Background Screenings From Within Your Homegrown HR System

Use GoodHire’s API to launch background checks from within your workflow to view a complete candidate picture, while empowering your team and maximizing efficiency.

The GoodHire API enables you to:
  • Initiate background checks directly from your system
  • Get secure, FCRA compliant consent from candidates
  • Securely access background screening results
GoodHire API integration streamlines background checks

easy to integrate

The GoodHire API Advantage

GoodHire’s state-of-the-art API enables developers to create a fully automated, scalable process flow and cohesive experience.


Easy to implement RESTful API


Multiple integration and delivery options to customize your workflow


Driven by enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure


Near instant API response times


Real-time status updates and alerts through webhook notifications


End-to-end SSL data encryption


Comprehensive documentation plus dedicated technical integration team

end-to-end support

GoodHire Supports Your Developers
From Concept To Launch

Learn, code, and launch your custom integration with GoodHire’s full support. Developer resources include:

  • Detailed developer API documentation
  • Sandbox environment for easy testing
  • Developer dashboard for API keys, webhooks, and logging
  • Technical support team
  • Integration fee required
GoodHire's developer team supports your API integration

Developers Want The Details

Learn how to effectively use and integrate
with the GoodHire API.

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Whether you’re an expert on RESTful API
integrations or just starting out, GoodHire is
committed to your success.