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Oklahoma Background Checks

A guide to Oklahoma background checks

What are Oklahoma employment background check laws?

We update this overview of Oklahoma background check laws and ban-the-box rules often. But laws change quickly, and we cannot guarantee all information is current. Always consult your attorney for legal advice.

  • FCRA
  • District Laws
  • Ban-The-Box

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

In order to set a standard for hiring policies, the federal government created the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, which monitors and protects both employers and job candidates.

State Laws

§24-148. Request of consumer report – Notice to subject of report

Our Take: Employers in Oklahoma must first provide written notice to the job applicant before they can request a consumer report. The employer must inform the applicant that a consumer report will be used. Further, the notice must include a box for the applicant to check if she or he would like to receive a free copy of his or her consumer report.

Ban-The-Box & Fair Hiring Laws


Who must follow: This ban-the-box law applies only to state agency employers for the state of Oklahoma.

Timing of inquiry: State agencies in Oklahoma may not inquire into criminal history on the job application, unless a felony conviction would automatically render an applicant not qualified.