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GoodHire’s Technology Advantage

GoodHire’s leading-edge platform is built to optimize speed, accuracy, scalability, and security.

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At Our Core, We’re A Tech Company
And That’s Why We Stand Out From The Crowd

We naturally apply user-centric thinking, quality assurance, and continuous innovation to everything we do.
This is how GoodHire helps you hire faster and with more confidence.


We innovate to find more ways to deliver results faster.


We excel at data handling to deliver the best information.


We keep you up and running, and grow with you.


By Hosting Data In-House, GoodHire
Delivers Faster, More Accurate Results

Since automatic searching of hosted data is faster and more complete, GoodHire maximizes the amount and quality of data we host, and continuously evaluates new data sources.

  • Curates and hosts over a billion records from over 2,100 regularly updated sources
  • Provides instant access to over 178 million hosted profiles
  • Delivers 85% of background checks in <1 minute
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By The Numbers

Comprehensive Data Coverage Means Better Results

We aggregate candidate records from industry-leading data sources and courthouses into our proprietary platform.

In-House Data Sources
In-House Criminal Records
Criminal Record Profiles
Statewide Criminal Repositories
County Courts
Federal Courts
Schools for Degree Verification
Countries Covered in International Checks
Govt. Sources Covered by Healthcare Sanctions

We’re confident we can meet the employment screening needs of your business.


We’ve Architected Our Technology To Optimize For Data Accuracy

Our proprietary platform searches, organizes, and processes billions of records per year. Advanced data engineering, compliance filters, and continual manual reviews further enhance the accuracy of our results, which translates into an industry-leading <0.1% dispute rate.

  • 15 million+ previously unsearchable records unlocked
  • 60,000 date of birth records recovered
  • 200,000 sex offender matches using addresses completed
  • Criminal offenses automatically organized into multiple high- and low-level classifications
Advanced technology delivers reliable results and low dispute rate

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We Proactively Ensure Our Platform & Your Data Are Secure

Application Security
  • All data encrypted in transit and at rest using modern protocols
  • Sensitive data redacted and tokenized
  • Constantly monitor accounts for abuse
  • Perform regular independent security testing and audits
Infrastructure Security
  • 24/7 managed SOC
  • SSAE-16 and ISO27001-compliant data centers
  • Frequent internal and external penetration testing
  • Global monitoring from 50+ locations
Organizational Security
  • Background-checked employees
  • Intensive, company-wide security training
  • SOC2 certified
  • PCI-compliant
  • PBSA accredited

Find out how employment
screening with GoodHire is
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