A Background Check Service People Actually Like? That's A Game Changer

Kim Moutsos

“Help me, GoodHire. You’re my only hope.”

That line comes to mind (with apologies to Princess Leia) every time I hear our cofounder Brian Monahan talk about GoodHire’s origin story.

If you’re new to running employment background checks or to GoodHire, you might not remember what screening was like five short years ago.

Few companies had mastered a simple, direct interface that would let employers quickly search the tangled web of federal, state, and local records. Even fewer gave employers results in a way that made them easy to understand the meaning behind the legalese.

And candidate experience? Impressive ... if you wanted your candidates to be treated as potential threats instead of potential great hires.

Going Beyond Employment Screening Basics

In this broken system, Brian saw both opportunity and mission. GoodHire was born in 2012 from Brian’s unique vision of a candidate-focused background check experience backed by an advanced public records-search platform – and grew to serve more than 48,000 businesses in just a handful of years.

Brian and his brother Matthew had already mastered the technology challenge for GoodHire’s parent company, Inflection, which pioneered privacy-first people search and at the dawn of the big data era.

So when they set out to build a better background check service, they aimed way beyond simply making employment screening easier to order and use. They set out to humanize it.

Instead of building a tool to screen people out, Brian envisioned a positive experience for both employers and candidates. That meant world-class support, compliance expertise, and a commitment to trust, safety, and fairness in hiring.

Those are just a few reasons why Workforce Magazine recently honored Brian with a 2017 Game Changer award. And why GoodHire’s attracted so many other awards recently, including:

  • 2017 Tektonic Award for humanizing background checks by giving job seekers the power to review and comment on their results to help alleviate the systemic inequalities that traditional background checks address
  • Baker's Dozen Award from HRO Today for customer satisfaction
  • Top HR Product award from Human Resources Executive, which also recognized GoodHire’s extraordinary candidate experience platform for its first-to-market transparency for candidates throughout the background check process
  • Rising Star and Great User Experiences awards from Financesonline.com

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Customers Matter Most

As nice as the industry recognition is, customers love for the product matters even more. After all, it’s the engine that powered GoodHire’s phenomenal growth.

A quick scan of feedback we gathered in late 2016 shows companies that use GoodHire really appreciate its speed and ease of use.

GoodHire background check service customer feedback.png

That makes sense, because the advanced technology behind the easy-to-use interface lets HR spend less time screening and more time on strategic initiatives.

But don’t let the deceptively simple experience fool you. Bank-level security, advanced data science, and razor-sharp compliance expertise back every result you see (and keep you from seeing the ones you’re not allowed to consider in hiring decisions).

And there’s so much more on the horizon. I can’t tell you everything yet, but take Brian’s words as a giant hint:

“We’re solving for a future that respects job seekers and the companies that hire them,” he says. “We’re working toward a radically transparent and radically efficient future that incorporates machine learning to deliver accurate insights that help people make good decisions.”

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Kim Moutsos

Kim Moutsos


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