GoodHire + GoCo Partner To Accelerate Small Business Hiring

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Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with GoCo, an HR platform making a big impact in the industry.

GoCo focuses on making software that’s easy to use whether you’re a small business owner or an HR professional in a growing company.

Designed to be a one-stop shop, GoCo helps you manage your benefits, payroll, and compliance together. Having everything in one platform means fewer repetitive tasks.

For example, if you hire or terminate an employee, GoCo automatically recalculates your payroll benefits deductions. When you hire someone new, GoCo collects all required documents, enrolls the employee in benefits, and adds them to payroll with the correct deductions. No more updating benefits, payroll, and other HR platforms separately.

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If you have an existing payroll or benefits program, you can keep it. GoCo supports all major insurance carriers and payroll providers.

Employees can also serve themselves. When they need to see how many vacation days they have, change their benefits, or change their payment information, they won’t need to ask you.

A Shared Commitment To Hiring Compliance

GoCo and GoodHire both invest in their in-house compliance teams.

That's one of the synergies GoCo founder Nir Leibovich sees in working with us.

“GoodHire is the background check company of the future," he says. "The software works great, their compliance team is excellent, and their candidate experience is the best in the industry.”

We’re excited to work with GoCo to help small business owners hire and manage great teams.

If you’re looking to make managing your HR, benefits, and payroll a whole lot easier,  check out a GoCo demo today.

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