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Screen Candidates Around the World with GoodHire’s International Background Checks

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As companies grow their international teams and remote work becomes more popular, international background checks help you maintain a consistent quality of hire, no matter where candidates and employees live.

To help streamline your global screening needs, GoodHire now offers background screening on candidates in 49 countries, including the European Union, Canada, and the United States.

A thorough screening process helps you maintain a consistent quality of hire, no matter where in the world your candidates and employees live. Now, GoodHire is expanding our international background check capabilities to help you streamline all of your global screening needs under a single provider. 

With GoodHire, you can now screen candidates in 49 countries, including the European Union, Canada, and the United States, and we’re continuing to add new countries. This is especially convenient as companies grow their international teams and remote work becomes increasingly popular.

Streamline Your International Recruiting Process with GoodHire

GoodHire’s global platform serves companies with recruiting needs around the world. Our expanded international checks are available for global companies with a presence in the United States, offering the same ease of use, compliance expertise, and support our customers have come to know and trust. 

GoodHire makes the screening process easier with online capabilities for a smooth and seamless process, automatically uploading results into your GoodHire dashboard. Our automated compliance capabilities help you navigate complex international screening laws, providing the required forms and collecting the appropriate information required from the candidate based on where they live. 

To help you further streamline hiring for candidates across the globe, GoodHire’s platform integrates with third-party HRIS and ATS platforms

Types of International Background Checks 

Our expanded global offering includes Criminal Record Checks, International Education Verifications, and International Employment Verifications for candidates who currently reside outside of the United States. (We also continue to offer international background checks for candidates living in the US who have global backgrounds.)

  • International criminal record checks: Search international criminal records of candidates who currently reside in one of 49 countries on our International Candidate Coverage List. 
  • International employment verifications: Verify your candidate’s employment history and job-related experiences in any of 223 countries, including in the United States. Results may include employer’s name, dates of employment, and position or title. 
  • International education verifications: Verify the educational record of candidates who have previously attended school in any of 223 countries, including their current country of residence. Results may include institution name and contact info, degrees, majors, grades obtained, completion date, degree date, attendance, and comments.

Keep in mind that an international criminal record check for non-US residents may only be run in the country where your candidate is currently living. For example, a candidate who resides in the United Kingdom is eligible for a criminal record check only in the United Kingdom. However, you may run international employment and education verifications if they’ve worked or studied in any of 223 countries.

For candidates residing in Canada, you may select a RCMP Criminal Record Check (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), as well as education and employment verifications in 223 countries, and motor vehicle record checks in the United States and Canada (except the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Quebec).

If your candidate resides in the United States but has previously lived, studied, or worked in another country, you can screen them with GoodHire’s International Background Checks for US residents. These include criminal record checks in the country they lived in, as well as education verification and employment verification in any of the countries we cover. 

Get Ready to Go Global with GoodHire

If you’re ready to get started with International Background Checks, contact your Customer Success representative to add an International Screening package to your account.

If you’re new to GoodHire, talk to sales to get started today. 


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