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Case StudiesGale Healthcare Solutions

Gale Healthcare Scales Hiring With GoodHire’s Fast Turnaround And Flexibility


Gale Healthcare is an online platform and app that connects nurses and nursing assistants to shift-based work with same day pay. After launching the app in 2016, Gale has grown quickly, expanding its coverage to 26 states. The company contracts with healthcare facilities across each state to provide credentialed medical professionals for open shifts.

GoodHire’s streamlined mobile interface and fast background check turnaround times enable Gale to send medical professionals to work faster; meet facility demands for open shifts; and provide much needed care to patients. In addition, GoodHire’s flexibility and responsive customer service allows Gale to enter new states quickly, facilitating its business growth.


Manual processes create extra work for Gale staff

Fast screening needed to satisfy accelerating demand for qualified professionals

Continued growth in new markets requires constant updates


Modern easy-to-use UI with built-in features simplifies process

Quick turnaround connects workers with same or next day assignments

Platform flexibility and responsive customer service enable easy updates


Estimated time saving of 20 hours per week

Facilities get staff to care for patients, and workers get paid

Supportive screening partner makes entering new markets faster

Nurses Find Work and Get Paid Faster with Quick Background Check Turnaround Times

Nursing is a demanding profession, but can also provide flexibility with regard to work-life balance. A credentialed nurse may choose to work a full-time staff position, or part-time. Gale fills the needs of nurses who seek scheduling flexibility or extra shifts on their days off to meet personal needs or financial goals. 

On the other side of the coin, healthcare facilities are challenged to fill openings from staff nurse absences or open position requirements. Gale’s technology-driven hiring process addresses the complexities of hiring credentialed nurses on top of a national shortage of 1 million nurses and 1.25 million nursing assistants. 

With Gale, nurses can sign up online or through the app, and  after a conversation via text or phone with a Gale recruiter, they can submit their credentials. Since many of the nurses are employed, they may sign up on their breaks at work or between shifts, so providing a mobile-optimized sign up process is important. For Gale, the simplicity of the credentialing process is a key factor in the speed of a nurse getting hired, which is why a streamlined background screening process is critical. “If an application takes more than 10 minutes to complete, our fall off ratio jumps to about 80%,” said Phil Bocook, Director of Recruiting/RPO at Gale Healthcare Solutions.

Candidates can get hired as quickly as they can complete all of the necessary steps. We get them excited and willing to sign up. They can get to work as soon as the screens are verified.

For some eager workers, the speed enabled by GoodHire’s easy-to-use, mobile-optimized interface and quick turnaround times makes all the difference in getting to work faster. “As long as they get everything in before noon on a business day, the screening results typically come back on the same day. We can literally send a person out for a shift the same day they applied,” said Phil.

GoodHire Product Features Save Hours of Time Every Week

Gale’s speed-to-hire has created word-of-mouth buzz, and the company is now processing more than 600 applications and background checks a month. The increasing volume meant that Gale staff needed a simpler solution than their previous background check provider, Choice Screening. They also needed user permissions built into the platform that allowed only specific users (market managers) to order the reports, while allowing other users (recruiters) to see the results. With the previous solution, the market manager who requested the reports had to download the results and notify the recruiters when the screening results came in. “All that checking back and forth took about four hours a day,” Phil said.

Gale has been more than pleased with the results since switching to GoodHire. In addition to the 20 hours a week saved from GoodHire’s built-in permissions feature, Gale has also been impressed with GoodHire’s intuitive, user-friendly interface. “The fact that you can copy and paste data into the ‘Social Security number’ and ‘date of birth’ fields without error is one of the biggest bonuses,” said Phil.

With GoodHire, Gale has been able to optimize their hiring process for speed, allowing their recruiters to focus on the more important tasks of recruiting rather than administrative tasks.

…The UI of the website, the customer service…you guys are crushing it!

Gale Hyper-growth Supported by Flexibility and Service of GoodHire

The popularity of the app and Gale’s reputation for fast screening, credentialing, and same day pay has put the company in growth mode. GoodHire has been instrumental to Gale’s growth, helping to speed up and streamline a key function of their onboarding process. “We’re always asking for new features or adding new markets,” said Phil. Further, GoodHire’s customer service has also made a huge impact in enabling growth for Gale. Phil added, “Our rep has been a great asset. She’s a direct support line to what we need to get done.”

GoodHire in three words: convenient, friendly and adaptable.

With an average of 130 new hires a week, Gale isn’t slowing down. “We’re in 26 states,” Phil said. “That’s 24 more states to go. Once we’ve conquered a state, then we have all of the major cities to get into.”

With the GoodHire partnership, Gale is assured to evolve into the future of healthcare staffing as its footprint for fast, efficient hiring of credentialed healthcare professionals expands to all 50 states.

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