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Case StudiesRenewal by Andersen

Renewal By Andersen Affiliate Standardizes Recruitment Process & Improves Candidate Experience


Esler Companies is one of Renewal by Andersen’s largest franchise owners, with affiliate operations across six states, each with their own talent acquisition function. As they looked to scale, they found an inconsistent recruitment process and slow turnaround times from their previous background check provider were hindering their efforts. 

They implemented GoodHire across all locations, while standardizing the recruitment process for every candidate. GoodHire’s integration with ATS Lever, automated compliance features, and fast turnaround times have been instrumental in allowing Esler Companies to build a scalable recruiting process.

But perhaps the most notable change was GoodHire’s strong candidate experience. Esler Companies strives to treat candidates, employees, and customers with the utmost respect, and GoodHire helps them accomplish that.


Inconsistent recruitment process needed to be standardized to scale

High turnover in some roles requires frequent hiring

Slow turnaround times impact ability to meet hiring goals


Lever integration simplifies and streamlines recruitment process

Increased compliance across all states mitigates legal risk

Standardized process for all candidates ensures fair hiring practices


Improved candidate experience sets the stage for employee retention

Great customer service minimizes roadblocks to hiring

Fast turnaround times enable faster hiring decisions and time to hire

GoodHire Helps Esler Companies Streamline A Disjointed Recruitment Process

Esler Companies is one of Renewal by Andersen’s largest affiliates with operations across Greater Philadelphia, Colorado, Arizona, and Southern New England, each with their own talent acquisition function and recruitment process. Many of the jobs Esler Companies is seeking to fill are customer-facing, with some positions like project consultants and installers needing to go into people’s homes, so they want to make sure they’re running background checks properly and consistently as they scale. 

GoodHire offers custom background check bundles for different types of positions to meet all of Esler Companies’ needs. It also integrated with their applicant tracking system, Lever, to make it easy for talent acquisition partners to complete background checks on all candidates. A notification alerts the talent acquisition team when this process isn’t followed, so recruiters can stay on top of candidate status.

GoodHire had the easiest integration with our applicant tracking system, and the smoothest process in terms of a candidate going through a background check.

Quick Turnaround Times and Responsive Customer Service Improves Time To Hire

Esler Companies needs to hire people quickly so they can complete training and begin working. With some candidate offers going out just days before training begins, it’s important for them to have quick turnaround times on background check results.

While their previous background check provider was slow to return background check results, they’ve seen much faster turnaround times with GoodHire. They also appreciate the alerts and visibility within the platform that show where each candidate is in the process. For instance, they know when a background check has been added to the queue; when there’s an alert about a record on a candidate’s results; and the status of pre-adverse action workflows.

When they have questions for GoodHire about a background check result, they appreciate that a customer support representative responds right away so the process isn’t delayed. NiCollette Victor, Talent Recruiter for Esler Companies, explains, “We have employees who are going into people’s homes. If we’re unclear on the results of a candidate’s background check, we reach out to our representative who is always responsive and quick to respond. He knows what to do, and if he doesn’t, he finds somebody who does.”

It’s important for us to treat our candidates, employees, and customers with the utmost respect. GoodHire’s built-in tools help in this regard because it gives candidates a chance to explain their background check results so we can hear them out.

Esler Companies Is Impressed By GoodHire’s Focus On The Candidate Experience

Esler Companies is always looking for ways to improve their candidate experience. Through their mantra, “Working with Love,” they strive to treat all candidates, employees, and customers with respect. They also feel that a positive candidate experience sets the stage for employee retention—which is a top priority in itself.

They appreciate how GoodHire provides candidates a user-friendly experience and transparency throughout the background check process. Candidates can log in to the system from any device to enter their own data and provide consent digitally, and can see their background check status at any time. They also receive full copies of their background check results, along with source information, for full transparency.

Plus, GoodHire has a built-in way for candidates to enter comments to explain records on their background check results. This supports Esler Companies’ fair chance hiring efforts by helping them make informed decisions, and adds to the overall candidate experience that builds trust from the start. NiCollette explains, “We want to be able to give the candidate a chance to explain themselves when we see an alert on their background check. We know everybody makes mistakes and we want to be compliant legally, but we also want to be lenient when we can.”

GoodHire and Lever are the two things that glue us together right now.

Esler Companies Values GoodHire’s Compliance Expertise

Since they’ve started using GoodHire, Esler Companies has come to value its relationship with their account manager because he provides best practices about compliance, and helps them take full advantage of GoodHire’s built-in compliance features. Says NiCollette, “It’s been a really great experience so far, especially working with our representative. There’s so much we’ve learned. Our other company didn’t provide that level of service.”

When candidates have records, Esler Companies conducts individualized assessments and appreciates that candidates are able to use the platform’s comments for context feature to add more information to their results. “Having everything right there in the results makes it easy to start those difficult conversations,” says NiCollette.

When they decide not to hire based on background check results, Esler Companies likes that GoodHire has a built-in, localized adverse action workflow. GoodHire’s integrated adverse action complies with federal, state, and local compliance laws, helping Esler Companies stay compliant with FRCA and a patchwork of local fair hiring laws across their six-state operation. With GoodHire’s compliance expertise, Esler Companies is able to stay informed and on top of regulations.

Esler Companies’ Standardized Recruitment Process Is Crucial For Future Growth

Esler Companies has nearly doubled in size over the past two years, with plans to continue expanding. They’ve made significant progress in building a standardized, candidate-centric recruitment process with GoodHire and their ATS, which they’re currently integrating with a new HRIS. 

Going forward, they’re considering GoodHire’s Ongoing Alerts for continuous monitoring for positions like installers and project consultants to check for post-hire criminal records alerts. With an ever-evolving recruitment process, GoodHire is proud to partner with Esler Companies in their growth journey.

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