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Case StudiesS.A.F.E. Management

S.A.F.E. Management Speeds Up High-Volume Hiring For NFL Games & Stadium Events


S.A.F.E. (Security, Athletic Facilities & Events) Management staffs stadiums in Georgia, Michigan, Maryland, Florida, and Arizona for NFL games, the Super Bowl, major concerts, and other events such as Monster Jams and Supercross.

Their major challenge is the constant cycle of recruiting and background checks for security and non-security staff. S.A.F.E. needs a roster of about 1,000 available workers for each event. 

S.A.F.E. began using GoodHire at its Detroit, Michigan location, and quickly noticed faster results for background checks than the previous solution. The Detroit Managing Director has been so impressed with the speed, customer service, and compliance features of GoodHire that the company plans to roll it out to all its locations this year.


Staff responsible for safety of 60,000+ event attendees

Year-round recruiting to staff 1,000+ workers per event

Varying state requirements for security industry complicates compliance


Simplified process of background checks for all new hires

Ordering options for large groups of candidates creates efficiency

Tailored screening packages for security and non-security employees


Ability to fully staff events for a safe and seamless experience for fans

Streamlined process & fast turnaround times helps onboard & retain team members

Consolidated screening for all new hires in one platform

GoodHire is just very easy. Streamlined. Effective Compliant.

Streamlining Process Brings Greater Speed & Consistency

Recruiting is an ongoing activity at S.A.F.E Management. Games and events occur at intermittent intervals and require more than 1,000+ part-time employees in each market. The recruiting team constantly needs to hire ushers, courtesy staff, directionals, ticket takers, and most importantly, security staff. “It’s just such a big number that you’re always recruiting,” said Jon Seibt, Managing Director of S.A.F.E. Detroit.

In some states, security guards need to obtain a state-issued license. But Michigan doesn’t have a state security license, so S.A.F.E. Detroit has to perform their own screening. “We put a lot of trust in them here with our company, what their role is, and what they’re expected to do,” said Jon. The company partnered with GoodHire to tailor a security staff screening package that allows them to ensure they’re putting attendee safety in the hands of the highest quality individuals.

S.A.F.E uses both the GoodHire customized ordering link as well as the bulk upload option to screen groups of 100+ applicants at a time, and receives results in less than two days. “I’ve been thoroughly impressed with it,” said Jon. Previously they had screened the non-security staff themselves using free court record searches from local markets. But GoodHire’s ease of use was too good to pass up and S.A.F.E. Detroit gave all their screenings to GoodHire. The result is a streamlined, compliant, and consistent process for both security and non-security staff that saves time and ensures quality.

There’s flexibility there. It wasn’t like, ‘this is our program, like it or not.’ If we wanted to adjust something, we could ask the GoodHire team to throw some engineering at it and update it the way we wanted it.

Customer Service Wins S.A.F.E. Management Confidence

At S.A.F.E. Management, service is everything. Fans come to stadium events for an amazing experience and to enjoy themselves. The company seeks the same level of seamless service in their partners as fans expect from them.

Their previous background check solution wasn’t hitting the mark, and S.A.F.E. Detroit sought another solution. Jon was impressed immediately with the personalized approach from the GoodHire sales rep. “Dan listened and responded the way I think we’d all want somebody to. He had a lot of good follow-up,” he said. The unique requirements for screening security staff were a concern for S.A.F.E., and GoodHire’s approach won them over.

“There’s flexibility there,” Jon said. “It wasn’t like, ‘this is our program, like it or not.’ If we wanted to adjust something, we could ask the GoodHire team to throw some engineering at it and update it the way we wanted it.”

After signing on and being assigned a dedicated account manager, S.A.F.E. continued to be impressed with GoodHire’s 5-star service and support.

Jon said, “Tracy is my dedicated rep. I never had that with our other provider. She’s going to resolve anything that comes up, she just knocks it out.” On top of the dedicated service, S.A.F.E. also enjoys GoodHire’s US-based support team: if there’s an issue with a screen, candidates can contact GoodHire instead of calling him.

Now S.A.F.E. Detroit has all their background screenings configured exactly the way they want, and full confidence that they’ll be fully supported if any issues arise.

GoodHire takes compliance out of my hands. I still have to operate it, but it’s literally two to three button clicks and I’m done.

Automated Compliance Features Remove The Hassle

Recruiting veterans understand the complications of FCRA compliance throughout the screening process. With GoodHire’s built-in automated adjudication feature, S.A.F.E. can provide a list of its hiring rules, and for those candidates that don’t meet hiring requirements, the system will send an alert to the hiring manager and automatically initiate the adverse action process.

Jon describes the simplicity of the process: “The report gets flagged and it’s a simple drop down to send the pre-adverse action letter. The waiting periods are built into the workflow, so the applicant can go to GoodHire and debate it, and if he is able to do that satisfactorily, they’ll notify us and clear it. If he’s unable to, it prompts us to send the post-adverse action letter that basically says ‘we’re unable to hire you at this time.'”

Compared to the old days of phone calls, emails, and letters, GoodHire’s integrated adverse action process helps keep the S.A.F.E. hiring team compliant and saves them a lot of time. “It takes it out of my hands to a point. I still have to operate it and review results, but it’s literally two to three button clicks and I’m done,” said Jon.

GoodHire’s Flexibility Helps S.A.F.E. Keep Up With Industry Changes

The security industry is always changing. Just a few years ago, each fan had to be patted down or hand-wanded. Today’s increased security presence requires fans to walk through metal detectors. “The whole security world just continues to change and adapt to try to be ahead of any potential threats or concerns,” said Jon.

Likewise, GoodHire is constantly revising its processes and adjusting to local law changes. In addition to its easy-to-use system, 5-star customer service, and automated compliance features, this future-focused outlook gives S.A.F.E. Management the confidence to bring GoodHire to all its markets, and is working on integrating it with an applicant tracking system.

With GoodHire in place across all markets, S.A.F.E. will have the ability to better manage costs with visibility into metrics that will help them grow and evolve with ever-changing security and HR processes.

You can be a happy GoodHire customer, too. Let us show you how GoodHire makes employment screening surprisingly easy.