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TrueCore Saves Significant Time By Consolidating Pre-Employment Screening


TrueCore Behavioral Solutions (TrueCore) operates a network of 30 juvenile treatment facilities across four states. They contract with state governments to provide therapeutic services to juveniles placed in their care and custody by the courts. Because they have youth in their care, it’s company policy—as well as a state contract requirement—to complete background checks for all employees. 

TrueCore initially utilized GoodHire only for employment verification, but learned that “GoodHire could do it all.” They soon partnered with GoodHire to provide background checks, education verification, drug screens, and motor vehicle checks for new hires. Consolidating their pre-employment screening solutions with GoodHire has provided significant time savings, while creating a trusted workforce and safe environment for the youth in their custody.


Stressful, low paying roles with high turnover translate to high velocity hiring

State regulations require comprehensive pre-employment screening

Hiring delays increases overtime and strain on existing employees


Consolidated pre-employment screening vendor simplifies process

Easy-to-use platform and features save time

US-based support resolves challenges within 24 hours


Saved 10 hours per week on background check process

Background check turnaround times between 2-7 days

Consolidated screening and reporting functions simplifies state audits

TrueCore Initially Engages GoodHire For Employment Verification

TrueCore’s staff supervises and mentors youth in their care, so it’s important to thoroughly vet all employees per company policy—as well as state contract requirements. Paulette Ratto, Human Resources Operations Director at TrueCore, shares, “We need to know whether each applicant meets the requirements to work in our facility.”

Prior to using GoodHire, TrueCore’s Human Resources Managers would contact each of their candidate’s previous employers for pre-employment verification and references. This required a large time investment, so they partnered with GoodHire to take over that responsibility from their team. They found that working with GoodHire to complete pre-employment verification resulted in significant time savings from the beginning.

Background checks ensure that we’re putting the right people in the facilities to take care of the youth entrusted in our care.

GoodHire Provides Complete Pre-Employment Screening Solution

TrueCore also utilized several other vendors as part of their comprehensive pre-employment screening process. They wanted to ensure they weren’t hiring felons, convicted child molesters, or convicted child abusers to work with youth in their care. States also require they screen all new hires, and they need to maintain compliance with regulations and contract parameters.

As they looked to consolidate vendors and simplify the pre-employment screening process, they were pleased to learn GoodHire offers each of the services they needed. They’ve since expanded to use GoodHire for background checks, education verification, drug screens, and motor vehicle records checks, so all pre-employment screening is done in one place.

The convenience of having all our different pre-employment services in one place just makes things so much easier. It cuts down quite a bit of time for our Human Resources Managers.

Reduced Administrative Burden Results In Time Savings

Since consolidating their pre-employment screening with GoodHire, TrueCore has saved between 8-10 hours per week. Rather than logging into three to five different systems for different screening tasks, their Human Resources Managers are able to log in to a single system to initiate background checks and view results. 

Having a single vendor that stores all background check information and documents has also simplified state audits that ensure processes and procedures are being followed. Paulette says, “When we print the background check results, everything is right there. We don’t have to search through different platforms to find what we need.”

Further, all invoices are separated by facility, simplifying their billing. Their accounting team can quickly understand what was submitted by each facility for budget purposes. This saves them time as they no longer have to manually separate out invoices for each of their 32 facilities.

Turnaround Times Prove Essential For High Velocity Hiring

Most of the youth in TrueCore’s care has either mental health or substance abuse issues, and all of them have a criminal offense. Working with troubled youth can be stressful, and social services professionals tend to be lower-paid, leading to 80% employee turnover at TrueCore—which can quickly leave them understaffed.

TrueCore needs to fill positions quickly to reduce overtime and strain on existing employees, and allow time for training required by their government contracts. They’re pleased that turnaround times on background check results are usually between 4-7 days, with some results coming back as quickly as 2 days.

Responsive, US-Based Support

TrueCore appreciates the ease of being able to talk to GoodHire’s customer support team in the United States, and getting any issues resolved within 24 hours. They find their dedicated account manager to be supportive and helpful, whether they have a question about a background check result or want to update their custom packages.

With 2,000 employees, hundreds of open roles, and only 10 HR professionals, TrueCore needed to streamline their pre-employment screening process. Consolidating from five vendors to one has resulted in a more streamlined process and significant time savings for their team, while also ensuring a safe environment for the youth in their care.

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