GoodHire For Good

Join us in our mission to help people who have criminal records reenter the workforce.

Free Background Checks For The Communities You Serve

We partner with nonprofits that specialize in fair hiring, reentry, and work training programs to provide free background checks to the people they serve. These background checks:

Criminal Records

Let your participants see their criminal records the way that potential employers will, so there are no surprises.

Comments For Context

Allow job seekers to write comments about their criminal records to help employers see the person behind the record.

Share Background Checks with Employers

Empower job candidates to share their background checks, including any comments they’ve written, with potential employers.

GoodHire Customer TestimonialWe’re working to change the background check system by giving a voice to people who have repaid their debt to society.

Brian Monahan, Cofounder GoodHire

Meet The GoodHire For Good Team

Matthew Monahan GoodHire 4 Good Team

Matthew Monahan,


Matthew Monahan is CEO and cofounder of GoodHire and its parent company Inflection, a Silicon Valley-based Certified B Corp. dedicated to building trust online. Matthew is a committed supporter of nonprofits that are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Brian Monahan GoodHire 4 Good Team

Brian Monahan,

Chief Idea Guy

GoodHire cofounder Brian Monahan leads the company’s development of screening solutions that promote trust, safety, and fairness in hiring. His commitment to a just and sustainable world keeps him focused on building scalable solutions to meaningful business and societal problems.

Jestlan Hopkins GoodHire 4 Good Team

Jestlan Hopkins,

Sr Manager, Privacy & Public Policy

Jestlan Hopkins believes that real change happens on the ground. He recently helped launch GoodHire for Good, an initiative to support nonprofits that specialize in fair hiring, reentry, and work training programs through monetary and background check donations.

GoodHire Customer TestimonialThere is perhaps no greater driver of collateral consequences than a criminal record  —  arguably the largest roadblock for those who need a fresh start.

Jestlan Hopkins, Senior Manager, Policy

GoodHire For Good

We are reinventing the background screening process by helping employers and job candidates build relationships based on mutual trust, safety, and fairness. It’s why some of the most recognized names in fair hiring and social justice work with us.

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