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Screen Your Retail Candidates Quickly & Efficiently

Optimize costs and win the retail hiring crunch with GoodHire’s easy-to-use background checks. Our speedy turnaround times help you hire faster.


Retail Needs A Budget-friendly Solution For High Volume Hiring

Above average turnover and seasonal hiring patterns in the retail industry means you need to run background checks quickly while also making the process convenient and non-threatening for candidates. GoodHire provides a simple, streamlined candidate experience that delivers fast, accurate results at affordable prices.


Screen More, Screen Fast, Save Money

Providing excellent customer service requires a fully staffed store—don’t let the high cost of frequent hiring impact your bottom line. GoodHire offers flexible packages at competitive prices so you can run the number of screens you want, when you need them.

  • Prepay & Save 
    Select and pay for your screening packages in advance. The more checks you buy, the lower your per-check cost will be
  • Faster Candidate Processing 
    Bulk ordering allows you to process multiple candidates at once to quickly kick off the screening process
  • Fast Turnaround Times 
    GoodHire hosts millions of records which allows us to return most employee screens in less than 1 minute


Take GoodHire With You To
Your Next Job Fair

Perfect for seasonal hiring events and job fairs, GoodHire’s custom ordering link allows you to run a background check from your mobile device. It’s just one more way GoodHire helps you speed and simplify the employment screening process.

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Impress Your Candidates

Applicants for retail positions often apply to multiple job openings. Make a great first impression on a potential new employee with GoodHire’s award-winning platform that guides candidates through a fair, transparent screening process.

  • Don’t Make Your Candidates Wait
    We’ve reduced the amount of information required so you can start a screen with just a candidate’s name and email
  • Keep Great Candidates Engaged
    We make it easy for candidates to enter their own information, digitally sign consent forms, and complete the process on any device
  • Give Them A Transparent And Fair Experience
    GoodHire’s unique commenting feature lets candidates with criminal records add context, which also helps you meet requirements for individualized assessments
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Our experienced sales team is available to discuss
our retail screening packages and price options.

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Hire A Team You Can Trust

Retailers attribute 30% of inventory shrinkage to inside jobs. Verify your candidate’s background and easily screen for certain criminal records and activities to manage risks associated with loss prevention.

  • Make Smart Decisions Based On Trusted Data Sources
    Our platform pulls up-to-date criminal records from thousands of instant and offline sources at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Quickly Determine Whether Candidates Meet Hiring Criteria
    Set your hiring criteria and GoodHire automatically marks candidates that meet requirements or need further review
  • If You Decide Not To Hire
    GoodHire’s built-in localized compliance tool simplifies the adverse action process to help you stay compliant with hundreds of federal, state, and local legal requirements and ban-the-box laws

When we first started doing background checks on our own, I found that GoodHire was a good tool just from a compliance standpoint, too, helping us to make sure thredUP is following all the right policies for adverse action.

GoodHire’s Retail Customers

We help retail companies of all sizes build great teams.

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