Shifting U.S. Workforce and Record Hiring Boosts GoodHire’s Momentum

Momentum led by increased demand for employment background screening services as companies scramble to secure the best talent in a competitive, remote working landscape.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GoodHire, a leading provider of employment and background screening services, today announced record growth across the past year with an 80% increase in revenue, and reaching its 100,000 customer milestone. The company’s focus on delivering excellent customer experiences, and enabling them to make quick, trusted decisions is a key component of its success. Customers benefited from GoodHire’s continued investments in platform automation to improve efficiencies; access to quality data sources to improve speed and accuracy of results; and deep expertise in compliance and data privacy.

“The Great Resignation, along with the Great Migration, saw the increased need for background screening as the workforce reshuffled to new locations and new jobs that drove significant demand for our services both on the employment and non-employment sides of our business,” said Mike Grossman, CEO of Inflection (parent company of GoodHire). “As the world continues to shift to hybrid and remote work environments, more people are turning to GoodHire to perform background and identity checks on preferred job candidates. We give companies actionable, accurate results in a way that also keeps them compliant, giving them the confidence and trust they require in their screening process.”

The incredible hiring activity in three key industries — insurance, staffing and healthcare — boosted GoodHire’s customer growth, accounting for nearly 30% of the Company’s overall growth. In the insurance sector, GoodHire achieved net sales growth of more than 150% of overall sales; and the staffing and recruiting industry saw net sales for GoodHire grow by 90%. GoodHire added a number of new healthcare customers in 2021 as well, where net sales increased by 87%. Key customer wins include providers of online mental health services and virtual health visits, such as Thriveworks, a leading mental health provider with 310+ clinics nationwide and online services.  

“Thriveworks has been on a huge growth trajectory as a result of a growing need for the affordable, high-quality mental health services we provide. We’re focused on delivering exceptional care for clients, which means we only hire the top 4% of providers to join our team. Thanks to GoodHire we’re able to uphold our standards at the nationwide scale and speed we require,” said Dagen Weaver, Chief Human Resources Officer at Thriveworks.

In 2021, GoodHire continued to make significant investments in its platform technology and backend data engine to improve data accuracy and speed turnaround times without sacrificing compliance. The technology investments support the company’s efforts to provide excellent customer experiences, for both employers and candidates, by delivering trusted background results, faster. 

“A differentiating factor for GoodHire is our focus on keeping both customer experience and compliance expertise at the heart of the product,” said Max Wesman, Chief Operating Officer at GoodHire. “We invest heavily in innovating to excel in those two areas, and the result is an advanced data engine with access to trusted data sources that delivers accurate results in a fast, compliant way. Our customers depend on GoodHire to give background checks the attention they deserve, and we’re delivering on that promise, and that’s part of the reason we’re seeing huge growth at the company.”

Its own workforce is growing, too. After nearly doubling its headcount in 2021, GoodHire will continue its rapid hiring efforts in 2022 to increase its workforce significantly to better serve customer demand for screening services.

Finally, in 2021 GoodHire expanded its HR tech partnerships to include Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. By integrating GoodHire with Workday’s HCM, customers can easily launch GoodHire background checks and screening services from within Workday. Further, GoodHire achieved status as a Platinum ADP Marketplace Partner in 2021. GoodHire is one of the first partners to offer a connector with ADP Workforce Now Next Generation platform, and the only one offering a full suite of background check services, making it easier for ADP customers to order candidate reports. GoodHire currently offers integration capabilities with nearly 60 leading applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), providing customers greater flexibility to work the way they want to work and achieve their hiring objectives more easily. 

About GoodHire

Since 2013, GoodHire has been a trusted background check partner to more than 100,000 organizations. With its innovative, technology-first approach, coupled with an intense focus on customer delight, GoodHire has redefined the background check service industry. GoodHire uses automation and advanced data engineering to help customers accelerate hiring and make more confident hiring decisions. Thanks to its easy-to-use platform and responsive, FCRA-trained support team, our customer satisfaction and NPS scores match those of America’s most trusted brands. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GoodHire is owned and operated by Inflection. To learn more, visit