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TechValidate Survey: Customers Achieve Better Results and More Value with GoodHire

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According to research from TechValidate, GoodHire customers get better results and more value from GoodHire’s advanced features and customer support than from previous screening solutions.

Learn how GoodHire delivers efficiency, cost savings, and faster time-to-hire and the 6 features our customers value most.

There are hundreds of background check providers to choose from, but not all screeners deliver results that impact your employment screening program’s key performance indicators (KPIs), including time-to-hire, cost savings, and screening efficiency — and back up those results with data. New research from TechValidate finds GoodHire customers achieve better results and more value through their use of GoodHire’s advanced platform features and customer support services compared to solutions they’ve used in the past.

Among the survey results, TechValidate finds that: 

  • 83% of organizations improved time-to-hire by 25% or more 
  • 76% of customers say the value returned for the price is significantly better 
  • 77% of customers rate GoodHire’s breadth of features and capabilities as significantly better 
  • 46% of customers saved 6-10 hours per week or more processing background checks

What do customers say are the Top 6 Most Valued Features? Download the infographic to find out and see the full survey results.

Why Better Background Checks Make a Difference

Background checks help you identify high-quality candidates and build teams based on informed decisions. Unfortunately, outdated employment screening solutions aren’t built for today’s HR tech stack.

Unlike legacy providers, GoodHire was built for HR professionals and employers who have come to expect modern, user-friendly UI experiences, and mobile-optimized workflows. 

With GoodHire, customers have access to the industry’s most advanced end-to-end employment screening solution and an in-house, FCRA-certified customer support team that earns high scores for customer satisfaction.

42% of customers agree that GoodHire offers a better price for the services offered compared to competitive solutions. Want to know more? See the survey results.

In Their Own Words: Customer Feedback

In the survey, customers shared their overall experience using GoodHire — here’s what they had to say: 

I was impressed with the ease of management and attention to compliance practices from the employer’s perspective. I also thought the candidate experience was simple and efficient.
– Vice President Human Resources, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

GoodHire improves our turnaround time tremendously, some are back within hours. The pricing was better than our last vendor. Customer service has also been a dream to work with.
– Ann Billingsley, Office Manager, TerraCom Wireless

Experience is much better than other vendors in that the pricing is more competitive, the reports are easy to read and the turnaround time is fairly quick.
– Lisa Harris, Hiring Partner, Job Konnections

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We invite you to take a look at what our customers are saying, the results they’ve achieved and what they value most about GoodHire. Download the infographic to learn more.

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