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Employment Background Check Compliance Is Harder Than Ever

Increasing EEOC Oversight

The EEOC has increased discrimination claims against employers whose screening policies disproportionately affect a protected group.

Our Takeaway

Takeaway Hiring policies that disproportionately screen out minorities, including people with criminal records, may automatically be considered in violation.

Ultimate Guide To
FCRA Compliance

New Ban-the-Box Laws

The ban-the-box legal landscape is quickly expanding and often contains provisions that differ from established FCRA procedures and may even turn EEOC guidance into law.

Our Takeaway

Takeaway What do you do when FCRA, EEOC and ban-the-box laws conflict? Download this simple decision tree to determine which laws you have to follow to stay compliant.

Guide To Resolving Compliance Conflict

Grassroots State And Local Laws

On July 1st, California law made 5 common screening practices illegal, and with the change came increased lawsuit risk for California employers.

Our Takeaway

Takeaway As more local lawmakers & advocacy groups address how employers use criminal histories in employment decisions, any new state or local rules becomes trickier – and the stakes get higher.

State AND Local Ban-The-Box Laws

With recent FCRA compliance decisions pointing in confusingly different directions, don't bank on leniency from the courts.

GoodHire's Compliance Advantage

We’ve integrated adverse action at the federal, state and local level with easy-to-understand, automated workflows to create the only true end-to-end solution.

Automation Where It Matters Most

Dead-simple adverse action means we’ve automated everything we can to help you make the best hiring decisions.

Transparent, candidate-centric workflows avoid unexplained delays, increase speed and accuracy, and create deeper relationships with candidates.

360° Compliance For Your Peace Of Mind

Built-in compliance meets federal, state and local laws, even when they conflict, so you don’t have to be a compliance expert.

Fair hiring protection as adverse action rules and processes are applied consistently and fairly for every candidate.

Individualized Assessment With Comments For Context

See how Comments For Context simplify hiring

  • Federal and state laws discourage employers from screening out applicants based on a criminal record alone.
  • One way to avoid discrimination is to consider the relevance of the record to the job, along with other factors.
  • Background check results offer limited details, making it hard to create the individualized assessment needed for Adverse Action.
  • GoodHire Comments for Context lets candidates add relevant details that help you make fair, individualized hiring decisions.
  • GoodHire provides guidelines to keep the information fact-based and insights-focused.
  • Comments stay with a candidate's GoodHire results forever, so any employer who uses GoodHire will see them.

Ban-the-Box Legislation

The grassroots ban-the-box campaign aims to improve the odds of finding employment for people with criminal records by removing the question that asks about criminal convictions from employment applications.

But ban-the-box laws typically don't forbid employers from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history or from running background checks. They can affect the timing of background checks and can make complying with the FCRA-mandated adverse action process trickier.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs permissible use and Adverse Action, and is enforced by the FTC.
EEOC Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.
Fair Chance Business Pledge is an Obama White House-led call for the private sector eliminate hiring barriers for people with criminal records.
GoodHire helps employers comply with all local state laws through customized flows and educational resources.
GoodHire staff are trained through advanced FCRA courses. Top-notch legal and compliance team.
Privacy by Design approach combines respect for users and holistic consideration of regulatory trends.
True Me provides employers with details that help you make fair, individualized hiring decisions.
Inflection / GoodHire SOC 2 Certification is underway. The audit will be complete in mid-2017.

Know Your Background Check Laws!

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