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Construction Companies Need To Hire A Team They Can Trust

You can count on GoodHire to deliver flexible employment screening packages that meet the construction industry’s requirements for speed, safety, and reliability at affordable prices.

Trust & Safety

Background Checks Increase The Safety Of Your Worksite

The construction industry is challenged to fill positions quickly, manage high turnover, and maintain a safe worksite. You need background checks that are reliable, fast, and affordable. Find out how GoodHire’s employment screening services, flexible packages, and competitive pricing makes 3,600+ construction employers happy.


Build A Crew Faster

It’s hard to find qualified candidates—and hiring quickly for a fully-staffed crew is tricky when background checks slow you down. GoodHire hosts millions of records which allows us to deliver 85% of background checks in less than 1 minute.

  • Quick To Set Up
    Account setup and company verification takes just minutes—online or on your mobile device.
  • Quick To Start
    Minimum amount of information required—start a screen with just the candidate’s name and email.
  • Quick To Complete
    Our mobile optimized platform lets candidates enter information and provide consent from any device.

Ease of Use

Hire On The Spot With GoodHire

Hiring for multiple locations just got easier with GoodHire’s custom ordering link. Whether you’re at the central office or on the job site, use your mobile device to assign your candidate a customized link and workflow.

This automatically kicks off a background check and eliminates the need for a hiring manager to place the order on the candidate’s behalf. It’s just one more way GoodHire helps you speed and simplify the employment screening process.

Illustration of a GoodHire background check for construction industry

Customer Success Story

See How an Affiliate of Renewal by Andersen Wins with GoodHire:
  • Fast turnaround times enable faster hiring decisions and time to hire
  • Improved candidate experience sets the stage for employee retention
  • Great customer service minimizes roadblocks to hiring


GoodHire’s Got You Covered

In the construction industry, you need to hire for different employee and project types, as well as for multiple locations. Some job sites require more comprehensive screens, while others don’t. Good thing we’re flexible.

  • Quickly Create Customized Screening Packages
    Create as many packages as needed for each job site requirement and employee type. Only pay for the screens you need.
  • Support For Multiple Locations
    Centralized billing supports screening across multiple office locations with organization-wide and local office administrators and on-site user capabilities.
  • Prepay & Save
    Select and pay for your screening packages in advance. The more checks you buy, the lower your per-check cost will be.
Illustration showing a background check package for the construction industry

Peace of Mind

Be Safe & Compliant

Running the right background checks and following compliance guidelines before you make a hiring decision increases safety and mitigates potential risk. GoodHire’s built-in compliance features do the heavy lifting for you.

  • First, Determine Which Screens You Need
    We understand government compliance requirements and can customize the right package.
  • Automated Adjudication Speeds Up Reviews
    Set your hiring criteria to automatically identify appropriately qualified candidates during the hiring process, which helps reduce employee turnover.
  • If You Decide Not To Hire
    GoodHire’s built-in localized compliance tool simplifies the adverse action process to help you stay compliant with hundreds of federal, state, and local legal requirements.
Illustration showing built-in compliance tools for construction industry checks

I’m pleased with GoodHire—their website is user-friendly, hassle-free, reasonably-priced, and I get the background result real quick. And it’s good knowing the status as GoodHire sends me emails as the check progresses.

Search Options

Recommended Screening Packages For The Construction Industry

We offer flexible packages and pricing to meet your employment screening needs.

Entry- & Mid-Level

  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Nationwide Criminal Databases Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Domestic Watch List Search
  • County Criminal Court Search – 7 Years

Senior-Level & Management

  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Nationwide Criminal Databases Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Domestic Watch List Search
  • County Criminal Court Search – 7 Years
  • 1 Education Verification
  • 3 Employment Verifications

International Candidates

  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Nationwide Criminal Databases Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Global Watch List Search
  • 1 International Criminal Records Search
  • 1 International Employment Verification
  • 1 International Education Verification

Bidding on a project? Our sales team can customize an employment screening package to fit your client’s requirements for background checks.