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New York City Background Checks

In today’s fast-paced business environment, conducting comprehensive background checks on potential employees has become an essential tool for employers in New York City. With the city’s diverse population and competitive job market, it’s important to ensure that candidates possess the necessary qualifications and meet legal requirements.

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Top Reasons Employers Run Background Checks In New York City

Employers have a variety of reasons for conducting pre-employment background checks in New York City. Background checks can help employers mitigate risk, help ensure workplace safety, and make informed hiring decisions. Comprehensive background checks can also help employers verify the information a candidate provides in a job application or interview and provide insight into a candidate’s history that may not show up in other areas of the hiring process. 

Additionally, compliance with legal and regulatory obligations is another reason employers conduct New York City background checks. Certain industries and positions may require specific screenings to fulfill legal requirements or meet industry standards, such as healthcare and childcare, to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations. Overall, background checks are an essential tool for employers in New York City to mitigate risk, maintain a safe work environment, and make informed hiring decisions.

How Does The Fair Chance Act Apply In New York City?

The New York City Fair Chance Act prohibits employers from conducting criminal background checks or asking questions about a candidate’s criminal history until a conditional offer of employment has been made. While some employers may choose to wait to conduct all background checks, New York City Human Rights Local Law 4 advises against this practice. Instead, it recommends employers move forward with other background checks, such as employment and education verification, first. NYC criminal background checks and driving record checks (which may reveal criminal convictions such as DUI or DWI) should be performed only after making a conditional offer of employment. 

This New York City background check law applies to any employer with four or more employees (including owners; paid or unpaid interns; and full-time, part-time, or temporary employees) if at least one of them works in New York City. Exceptions are made if state or federal law prohibits individuals with criminal records from holding certain jobs.

In addition to the NYC background check laws, there are also several statewide background screening laws that may impact background checks in New York.

What Shows Up On An NYC background check?

What shows up on a NYC background check can vary depending on the type and number of screenings, and the scope of each search being performed.  Here are some common background screenings that New York employers may conduct and what may be reported:

  • Criminal background checks may show felony and misdemeanor convictions, as well as arrests, warrants, and history of incarceration as an adult.
  • Driving record checks show license class and status (such as active, suspended, or revoked), traffic violations, and driving-related convictions.
  • Education verification reports a candidate’s dates of attendance and any degrees or credentials earned.
  • Employment history reports on a candidate’s past employment, including employers, job titles, and dates of employment. 
  • Credit checks may show public information, such as tax liens, accounts in collections, and bankruptcies. They may also show open credit lines, outstanding balances, and payment history. 
  • Drug testing can reveal the presence of certain controlled and illicit substances or alcohol.

How Much Do NYC Background Checks Cost?

The cost of a New York City background checks depends on who is conducting the search and the type of reports being ordered. When employers perform background checks on their own, you typically need to pay for the cost of each record individually which can be costly. 

GoodHire offers affordable, customizable background check packages starting at $29.99. As an FCRA-compliant background check service, GoodHire ensures that employers can make informed hiring decisions while minimizing legal risks.

While GoodHire is a background check service for employers, individuals seeking free background check options can explore other providers. It’s important to note that free background check providers may have limitations in terms of the depth and accuracy of the information and the permissibility of using the results for employment purposes. However, they can still offer some basic information, such as public records and online presence, which can be useful for individuals conducting their own background checks.

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The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws.