GoodHire Rolls Into 2020 With a Refreshed Brand & New Website

GoodHire is excited to announce our updated brand identity, including a new logo, brand positioning, visual identity, and website. The updated brand is a reflection of what we learned from our customers and the market—in a crowded space, GoodHire stands out by providing a delightful end-to-end experience, unmatched by competitors.

Reflecting Customer Sentiment

We wanted our brand to reflect how customers feel about GoodHire. We talked to them to better understand what it is about GoodHire that makes our company, product, and services different from other background check vendors. We invited TechValidate to survey organizations that use GoodHire and learned:

  • 72% of customers say GoodHire is easier to use than other background check providers.
  • 77% of customers say GoodHire’s customer support is more responsive compared to other providers.
  • 78% of customers say GoodHire’s workflow automation is “best in class” or “superior” compared to other solutions they’ve used.
  • 75% of customers say they spend less time processing background checks with GoodHire than with their previous solution.

Our new messaging builds on this customer sentiment—GoodHire provides a delightful experience that exceeds expectations by being easy to use, supportive, and flexible. In a space that is often considered to offer a commodity service, customers perceive GoodHire as “Simply Better” than other providers they’ve used. 

The new website reflects a simply better experience as well. As a business, we had outgrown our old website—as GoodHire evolved to serve a broader population of employers, we re-designed and re-structured the site to offer improved content and an experience that better serves businesses of all sizes.

Better Background Checks Based on Advanced Technology + Human Expertise

GoodHire is a technology company at its core—the platform was purpose-built for today’s recruiting needs and requirements to fit with the modern talent acquisition (TA) tech stack.

Built-in workflows and automated processes improve efficiency and help employers comply with federal, state, and local laws. Access to high quality data ensures reliable results, and advanced technology automatically filters and flags records based on legal reporting restrictions based on federal and local laws.

But it’s the human side of GoodHire that sets us apart from other background check providers—our in-house, FCRA-certified team who manually review results and provide expert professional guidance to both employers and candidates alike.

Reviews by a QA team are an important step in the background check process, and it’s also one of the reasons why GoodHire has an industry-leading dispute rate of less than 0.1 percent.

Building on a Legacy

From the beginning, GoodHire has invested in user experience and design, which has translated into 80,000+ employers of all sizes choosing GoodHire, with one of the highest retention rates in industry, and consistently above average NPS scores.

It’s gratifying to learn that customers value the simply delightful user experience that GoodHire delivers, and truly appreciate our friendly, responsive Customer Support team in Omaha. 

To build on this legacy, the Simply Better positioning is reflected in our brand’s new messaging and visual identity, and is being rolled out across all marketing channels, customer-facing communications, and a completely redesigned website.

Simply Better. Start to Finish.

In a crowded space, our continued focus on delighting the customer and leveraging technology to make background checks easier and more user-friendly for both employers and candidates is what sets GoodHire apart.

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Sara Korolevich

Sara Korolevich is editor of the blog and responsible for communicating GoodHire’s product news, feature enhancements, and background check compliance updates. Sara’s public relations and communications experience stems from 20+ years working on public education campaigns, public policy, and most recently B2B marketing communications.


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