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OIG Search & Healthcare Sanctions Background Check

Comply with federal regulations and confirm your healthcare practitioners are in good standing.

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What Is A Healthcare Sanctions Check?

A Healthcare Sanction Check is a tool for providing insight into a healthcare professional’s medical background, searching more than 1,000 government sources for any penalties, suspensions, or punitive or disciplinary actions taken against a healthcare professional.


Why A Healthcare Sanctions Check Is Critical

The US Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) guidance bars healthcare organizations from hiring anyone who has been sanctioned or “excluded” from participating in federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Individuals may be on the OIG Exclusion list for reasons including:

  • A conviction of Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Patient abuse or neglect
  • Felony convictions for healthcare-related fraud, theft, or other financial misconduct
  • Felony convictions relating to the unlawful manufacture, distribution, prescription, or dispensing of controlled substances
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Trust & Safety

Why Run A Healthcare Sanctions Check?

A Healthcare Sanctions Check ensures your job candidates are in good standing and not excluded from participating in any federal healthcare program. These checks help your business:

  • Maintain eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal programs
  • Avoid OIG penalties of up to $10,000 for every day the excluded individual worked
  • Reduce risks to your patients, your staff, and your organization’s reputation
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What You’ll Learn From A Healthcare Sanctions Background Check

Since many healthcare organizations are recipients of federal funding through Medicare and Medicaid, it’s important to know if HHS OIG excludes your candidates and employees from participating in these programs. A Healthcare Sanctions Check searches the OIG Exclusion list and the System for Award Management (SAM) and will alert you if your candidate is sanctioned. In addition to indicating whether the individual is on the list, you’ll also learn:

  • The name of the source or board that took the disciplinary action
  • Whether the sanction is currently active (or the end date if the sanction is no longer active)
  • The violation or reason for the sanction (if available)

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Search Options

Healthcare Sanctions Background Checks Offered By GoodHire

GoodHire offers four different levels of Healthcare Sanctions Checks. Each search includes the OIG Exclusion List and SAM database, and each additional search level checks additional federal- and state-level sources for a more extensive search. Learn more about GoodHire’s healthcare data sources at every search level.


Healthcare Sanctions Search


OIG Exclusion List & SAM *

*Ongoing Alerts: Adds monthly checks of the OIG Exclusion List & SAM


If the candidate or employee is an “excluded individual” barred from participating in federally-funded healthcare programs. We’ll also let you know if no records turned up.

*Ongoing Alerts: Notifies you if an employee has been recently added as an “excluded individual”

Level 1

Healthcare Sanctions Search


OIG Exclusion List & SAM
+ Federal Sources (GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE and OFAC-SDN data)


Also checks multiple federal agency sources to report disciplinary action information.

Level 2

Healthcare Sanctions Search


OIG Exclusion List & SAM
+ Federal Sources (GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE and OFAC-SDN data)
+ State Sources (Medicaid Exclusion lists)


Includes Level 1 results, in addition to whether the candidate or employee is included on state-level Medicaid exclusion lists for reasons that may include fraud, integrity, or quality.

Level 3

Healthcare Sanctions Search


OIG Exclusion List & SAM
+ Federal Sources (GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE and OFAC-SDN data)
+ State Sources (Medicaid Exclusion lists) + State Board Disciplinary Actions sources
+ State Abuse lists


The most comprehensive healthcare sanctions search. Includes Level 1 and Level 2 results in addition to information on any individuals with disciplinary actions taken by state-level board and abuse registries.


FCRA & Healthcare Sanctions Background Checks

Employers using a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), like GoodHire, to run background checks to assess candidates during the hiring process have important responsibilities to ensure a fair and respectful process for the candidate, and to comply with various laws and regulations that govern employment screening. Learn how GoodHire’s built-in compliance features help you follow the law.

Disclosure & Authorization
The FCRA requires employers to inform the candidate that they intend to run a background check, and obtain the candidate’s permission to do so.

Adverse Action
If the results of a background check prompt a decision to deny employment, the FCRA requires employers to follow specific adverse action steps.

Meet government requirements
by confirming your healthcare candidates
are in good standing.