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How To Close The Surprising Loophole In Most Background Checks

Imagine that you’re a detective, like Lisbeth Salander or Columbo.

A woman who works in HR hires you to find out how she managed to hire a criminal mastermind, even though she ran the gold-standard of background checks.

Can you guess how he...

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New: Localized Adverse Action Workflow For A Ban-The-Box World

No law says you have to hire people with criminal records. 

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Marijuana Rulings Raise Lawsuit Risks. Is It Time To Change Your Drug...

August 2017 Update: Two recent court rulings pave the way for lawsuits against employers that fire...

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What You Need To Know About Salary History Bans Across The US

Do you tie your job offers to salary history? If so, you’re not alone. But you’ll need to come up...

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FCRA Compliance Fails And More 2017 HR Lessons

Update: With recent FCRA decisions pointing in confusingly different directions, don't bank on...

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A Background Check Service People Actually Like? That's A Game Changer

“Help me, GoodHire. You’re my only hope.”

That line comes to mind (with apologies to Princess Leia)...

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GoodHire + GoCo Partner To Accelerate Small Business Hiring

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with GoCo, an HR platform making a big impact in the...

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