Top HR Tech Influencers To Follow and Why

Jonathan Duarte

The HR Technology Conference is just a week away. Professionals travel from around the globe to learn about the latest HR tech trends "” SaaS, cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, and big data. If you're interested in the intersection of HR and technology, this is the conference for you.

You can brush up on the latest thinking "” whether or not you're heading to Las Vegas for the show "” by following key experts who'll be attending the event. If you are going to be there, you'll be well prepared to strike up a conversation in person.

I'll be representing GoodHire there. Let me know if you're attending and would like to meet. In the meantime, take a look through the impressive array of HR tech expertise that's available to the HR community.

1. Steve Boese @SteveBoese

Why follow: Chair of the HR Technology Conference, Steve brings insights from his more than 20 years of experience in human resources tech to many online channels. Read his "Inside HR Tech" columns on, listen to his "HR Happy Hour" podcast, and check out his blog, where he shares HR tech news and tackles employee questions from an HR perspective.

2. Sarah Brennan @ImSoSarah

Why follow: Sarah founded Accelir, a boutique strategy firm focused on building better talent acquisition and recruiting programs, as well as A consultant in the industry for over 10 years, Sarah focuses on employment branding, hiring, onboarding, retention, candidate experience, and technology adoption.

3. William Tincup @williamtincup

Why follow: William's Twitter bio says he's "busy building maps of the intersection of HR and technology." As principal analyst with Key Interval Research, he's a data-minded advisor on all things HR tech, as well as something of a guru when it comes to the application of social media for HR and recruiting purposes. His articles and tweets are informative and entertaining. For example, his pinned tweet is: "I can't wait to read your new white paper. Said no one ever. Like ever ever. No really no one has ever said or thought that."

4. Laurie Ruettimann @lruettimann

Why follow: Laurie is a former HR leader who left the corporate world to pursue a career as a writer, speaker, and strategist. Author of the book, I am HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR, and a consultant for training, marketing, and advisory services in the HR tech industry, Laurie has helped many HR executives excel. Her blog covers corporate culture, and she tweets regularly on careers, corporate culture, and current events.

5. Robin Schooling @RobinSchooling

Why follow: As an HR strategist, Robin focuses on "making organizations better by making HR better" by developing relationships with organizational leaders and pushing the boundaries of traditional HR. You'll see her articles on, Recruiting Daily, HR Leads Business, CareerBuilder, and the SHRM blog. Check out her blog for insights on HR services and technology providers.

6. Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby

Why follow: Sharlyn, also known as the HR Bartender, writes a lot about leadership and workplace issues. Author of Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers and other books, Sharlyn discusses issues, challenges, and opportunities in corporate culture. Drawing on her background as a human resources professional, she provides advice on careers, leadership and management, and office politics. On her blog and twitter feed and you'll find plenty of advice to guide you through tough workplace management issues.

7. Jessica Miller-Merrell @jmillermerrell

Why follow: One of Forbes' "Top 50 Social Media Power Users," Jessica writes about HR tech and workplace strategies. Founder of Blogging4Jobs and Workology, she's a content powerhouse. Check out her new book, HR Tech Field Guide, for insights on the HR technology marketplace.

8. Meghan M. Biro @MeghanMBiro

Why follow: Meghan is CEO of TalentCulture and a contributor to Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the Huffington Post. A globally recognized HR and Talent Management practitioner, Meghan cohosts of the renowned #TChat on twitter every Wednesday, applying her experience in recruiting, talent and career management, and brand development to issues that every HR professional faces.

9. Jason Averbook @jasonaverbook

Why follow: As CEO of The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC), Jason has a deep understanding of how to apply technology to common business problems and how to realize the benefits for HR technology solutions. Jason shares articles and thoughts related to HR technology through his Twitter feed and will be presenting TMBC at as an "Awesome New Startup for HR" during the conference.

10. Trish McFarlane @TrishMcFarlane

Why follow: Trish is the HR Ringleader, CEO and principal analyst at H3 HR Advisors, and HR Happy Hour cohost (with Steve Boese). She focuses on expanding the scope of the HR professional as human resources evolves through technology. Check out Trish's twitter feed for all things HR technology and talent management.

11. Naomi Bloom @InFullBloomUS

Why follow: Naomi is a blogger and speaker about enterprise HR technology and outsourcing. With experience in HRM delivery systems and HR strategy, she brings a unique perspective to the space. Naomi recently turned 70 and, as she puts it, "isn't going quietly."

12. Matt Charney @mattcharney

Why follow: Matt is executive editor of Recruiting Blogs, where his bio reads: "HR & Recruiting Nerd. Gangsta. My views are my own. And they're snarky." True to his description, Matt posts opinions that are sometimes controversial but always entertaining.

13. Bill Kutik @billkutik

Why follow: Bill is a market expert on HR tech vendors, products, and services. He specializes in HR technology, human capital management, recruiting, talent management, HR management systems, outsourcing, social media, analytics, conferences, columns"¦ basically everything you could expect out of the HR Tech conference. Bill has been writing the HR Technology column on for the past 25 years.

14. Josh Bersin @Josh_Bersin

Why follow: Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh provides research-based information for professional development, strategic HR, talent management, leadership development, recruiting, and training. His consulting and research has been used by 60% of the Fortune 100 companies and trusted by HR professionals globally. His topics include leadership, employee branding, and talent acquisition.

15. Bill Boorman @BillBoorman

Why following: Bill is the founder of #Tru, an ongoing series of recruiting, HR and technology events held around the world. He specializes in social recruiting and is the go-to for advice on all things HR & social media.

Be sure to check out these 15 thought leaders in the HR & Technology space before the HR Technology Conference. Follow them, and follow us @goodhiretweets for more insights on HR, technology, and building great teams. We look forward to meeting you at HR Tech.

Disclaimer: The resources provided here are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. We advise you to consult your own counsel if you have legal questions related to your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws.

Jonathan Duarte

Jonathan Duarte


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