[Customer Story] Attracting and Hiring Talent, The Breezy HR Way

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Breezy HR is just what it sounds like: software that makes HR tasks a breeze.

In a field of more than 100 applicant tracking systems (ATSs), Breezy stands out. As an end-to-end recruiting platform, it does a lot more than just manage your pipeline.

Breezy handles sourcing, candidate management, interviewing, background checking, and even document signing and management. It’s structured, simple, modern, and consumer friendly.

And the best part? It’s the only tool like it that you can use for free.

As long as you’re hiring for one job at a time, Breezy HR is free forever. If you do want to buy, you don’t have to sign any contracts, you can upgrade/downgrade anytime, and you don’t even have to talk to their sales team. (Although that would be a shame, according to Breezy HR Marketing Director Jayca Pike, “because they’re awesome.”)

The whole Breezy experience is designed so someone in a small but growing company can use it quickly with little friction.

Although plenty of startups use Breezy, the company’s customer base has grown to include businesses with over 10,000 employees.

As it turns out, simplicity works in the big leagues, too.

Building In Background Checks And Shared Values

If you’re familiar with GoodHire, this story probably sounds familiar to you. It did to us, too! GoodHire’s devotion to keeping things simple for employers (and job candidates) propelled its growth among small companies and big ones, too.

In fact, Breezy noticed the similarities during its search for a background check partner. Founder and CEO Darren Bounds wanted a company that shared its obsession with great user experiences and a modern mindset.

They didn’t want an old-fashioned partner whose own software was the antithesis of Breezy’s philosophy.

Darren ultimately chose GoodHire because of our relentless focus on creating easy-to-use software and a positive candidate experience. The integration only took a few days.

By integrating GoodHire’s API, Breezy can now offer its customers background checks as a service – one that wouldn’t bog down the hiring process.

Customer Response – Smooth Sailing

Though it’s a new integration, many Breezy customers are already running GoodHire background checks.

In fact, Breezy’s Customer Success Manager Nathan Morris said excited customers called in as soon as they heard the news. Their reactions? “Finally. Thank you so much." And, "We've been waiting for this."

Even better? Launch day went off without a technical hitch. “The whole integration and launch has been really, really, smooth, which is rare,” Jayca reports.

The Value In Good Partnerships

Breezy and GoodHire took to each other like long lost siblings. Our shared love of simple-but-powerful HR software adds up to a strong partnership, great relationships between teams, and a powerful combination for businesses.

If you’re looking for a tool to modernize your hiring, take a close look at Breezy HR. We think you’ll like what you see.

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