GoodHire Customers: tilr Steers Trust With Background Check API

Jacob Brady

We’re used to computers suggesting what shoes to buy or what movie to watch. But what if a computer told you the next person you should hire?

tilr does just that. As the world’s first “algorithmic hiring solution that matches based on skills,” it uses technology to match workers to open jobs the same way Netflix matches movies and tv shows to your interests.

Right now, tilr matches available, qualified candidates to jobs on demand. All payment, time sheets, and scheduling take place on the tilr platform. Many people are referring to them as “The of Recruiting.”

Changing Hiring

After already matching at least 17,000 people to one job, tilr is changing the way you recruit and hire.

For instance, tilr matches candidates to jobs based on skills. That means previous job titles don’t matter as much. Maybe a candidate has done some event planning at a nonprofit and worked in customer service. If you're looking for someone to plan a customer event, tilr might match you up.

Algorithmic hiring is also a great opportunity to make hiring less biased. Of course, algorithms aren't perfect, but they have a much better chance at standardizing a company's hiring process and making sure that good candidates don't go unnoticed.

Automatic Jobs, Automatic Background Checks

A service like tilr, which launched in 2016, only works when every component is as efficient as possible. People need to be able to sign up on their phones and get work quickly.

Background checks, traditionally slow and manual, risk compromising the fast experience tilr needed to build. But Scott Farmer, VP of Customer Success, and Jessica Mullins, Director of Human Resources, knew they wouldn’t get attention from companies if the workers weren’t background checked.

So they started looking for employment screening services available through a RESTful API.

“During our search, we focused on the pricing and flexibility of the services, and emphasized the features each provider included,” says Scott. “GoodHire was the most technically advanced solution we found. It automated everything necessary.”

After a quick meeting with the GoodHire integrations team, tilr was up and running. Since then, the company has coordinated over 75,000 shifts and 564,000 working hours.

The team runs hundreds of checks per month and, since the checks are completely built into their app, they spend no time manually administering them.

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Staying Human In The Age Of Automation

By 2020, 40% of Americans will be freelancers. That's just under three years away.

That means, it’s increasingly likely you'll hire people on demand for temporary work at some point.

Tools for hiring and screening candidates need to adapt to this change. Not only will they need to become faster, but they’ll need to remain fair and unbiased as more and more decision making is automated. It's hard to keep a machine accountable.

Like tilr, GoodHire uses algorithms to run background checks on candidates. These algorithms search hundreds of databases for public records, clean up the results, and present to an employer only the results his or her jurisdiction allows them to see.

We think a lot about what this will mean for the future.

Most of all, we think about how to marry human intelligence and judgment with computer automation. We want to free HR from the administration of background checks.

But we don't want a candidate to get rejected without the human attention their case deserves.

As an on-demand company that values efficiency, compliance, and fairness, tilr is using GoodHire's latest innovation: an integrated adverse action workflow that walks employers through the legally mandated adverse action process. The workflow is compliant with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, so every GoodHire customer can comply with the specific state and local laws where they hire.

And if you’re looking for a gig or to hire on demand workers and live in Cincinnati or Columbus, check out for more details.

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Jacob Brady

Jacob Brady


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