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GoodHire Joins ADP Marketplace to Deliver Integrated Background Checks

GoodHire is now part of the ADP Marketplace

Are you an ADP customer seeking to simplify your background screening process? GoodHire is now part of the ADP Marketplace, making it easy to add GoodHire background checks to your hiring workflow. The pre-built, secure integration with ADP is available for ADP Workforce Now and ADP TotalSource customers, and can be set up immediately.

Learn more about adding GoodHire to your ADP workflow.

GoodHire is now available on ADP Marketplace to better serve HR teams who want the ability to easily launch GoodHire background checks within their ADP® workflow. GoodHire is proud to be one of the only background check vendors on the ADP Marketplace to offer employment screening solutions to customers who use ADP’s services, providing access to thousands of small- and mid-sized organizations who want to easily add GoodHire background checks to their hiring workflow. 

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with one of the largest and fastest-growing HCM providers in the industry to serve both our small business and mid-market customers. As a technology company, we set high standards for each integration and worked closely with ADP Marketplace to deliver a smooth integration that makes the screening process easier for our customers,” said Max Wesman, Chief Operating Officer at GoodHire.

Add the Integration & Get Started on the Same Day

GoodHire’s pre-built, secure integration with ADP is available for ADP Workforce Now and ADP TotalSource customers. The integration can be set up immediately and features instant verification for most employers, allowing them to start ordering background checks the same day.

Using the GoodHire connector, users can customize the background check package, conduct screens on candidates and employees, and review results all within ADP, creating a more streamlined process that saves time, eases the burden of compliance, and reduces time-to-hire. 

Increase Productivity & Get More Value 

GoodHire’s powerful background check platform is packed with features that makes employment screening easy to manage, including built-in workflows and automated processes that improve efficiency and help employers comply with a complex web of federal, state, and local laws. 

GoodHire’s pre-built background check integration with ADP features:

  • Customizable packages and access to hundreds of screening services, including drug screening
  • Accurate, reliable results based on high quality data
  • Built-in compliance workflows, including consent and authorization, adverse action and adjudication tools
  • Custom filtering for faster background check reviews
  • Automatic alerts and notifications when reports are ready
  • Mobile-optimized, candidate-friendly process
  • Basic reports completed in minutes

GoodHire is rated #1 in the industry for customer satisfaction by third-party software review platform G2. ADP customers will have access to our FCRA-trained support team for both employer-related support as well as candidate support. For larger customers, dedicated team members provide a consultative experience.

How to Get Started with the GoodHire Connector

For ADP customers without a GoodHire account, please complete the form on GoodHire’s listing in the ADP marketplace, or email to schedule a call with the GoodHire team. 

If you’re an ADP customer with an existing GoodHire account, visit GoodHire’s listing in the ADP marketplace to purchase the GoodHire connector directly.

Once the connector is activated, you’ll be able to order reports in one of two ways:

  • Workforce Now customers can place orders via the Recruit Module
  • TotalSource customers can place orders in the Enhanced Talent Suite  

More Choices, Better Service

We’re excited to be a part of ADP Marketplace and pleased to offer this pre-built integration to companies of all sizes to make background screening easier and more efficient. 

With GoodHire, businesses can choose from 20+ ATS integrations, giving them greater flexibility to work the way they want to work and achieve their hiring objectives more easily. 

Ready to try the new GoodHire integration for ADP? GET STARTED 


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