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Editor’s Note: If you want to find the best talent, you’ll likely have to look beyond your own organization and networks. And that very likely means using social media. 

Sure, you can jump right in and use social channels for recruiting, as many HR professionals do. But if you stop there, you’re missing a great opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your field, says Debbie McGrath.

As founder and “Chief Instigator” of, Debbie spun her social media skills into a a thriving online platform that reaches more than 1 million HR practitioners each month.

Of course, not everyone will build the next, but Debbie offered insights into how HR professionals can build a social following to bolster their own careers.

Establishing Your HR Expertise

One of the key benefits of interacting on social networks comes from establishing your reputation in the field. You’ve amassed critical knowledge during your years of training and work. Social networking sets you up to benefit from the hard work you’ve put in, as Debbie explains in this clip:


To clearly identify your area of expertise, ask yourself some questions. Do people come to you with questions related to a particular topic, like compliance, benefits, or tricky personnel issues?

Building Your Social Media HR Following

What if your social media following is minuscule?

Debbie recommends sharing what you find interesting or helpful from other people and other sources. Follow hashtags that relate to your area of expertise, or that are connected to conferences that are of interest to you. Comment on blog posts and articles, respond to tweets to add your own commentary, and find ways to engage.

This clip offers her clear, simple advice. 

 Participating in social discussions shows that you have something valuable to contribute. Keep at it to cultivate a following and become a resource for others.


Making Social Networking Pay Off

Although it takes time to establish your reputation and following, your social media work can pay off in unexpected ways.

 Do you share #HRTips on social media? Join the conversation with @goodhiretweets and @hrdotcom.


Debbie McGrath

Debbie McGrath


Debbie McGrath is Founder and Chief Instigator of, the largest online destination for HR professionals. A serial entrepreneur, she also founded The CEO Group, which was sold to the Washington Post in 1998.

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