[Customer Story] OnCall Provides Accessible Health Care Across 18 States

Sara Korolevich

Healthcare has not only become more expensive, it has also become harder to access, especially for rural Americans. From 2010-2014, 42 rural hospitals closed across the country. Moreover, no new hospitals opened outside of urban areas. Declining populations, hospital consolidations, reduction in inpatient occupancy, and lack of Medicaid expansion all are contributing to the cause.

This leaves many rural Americans no option but to travel hours at their own expense to visit a doctor, even for routine checkups.

But while this trend impacts rural communities, another trend may fill the gap. Telemedicine, or talking to your doctor virtually, is growing. Two years ago there were 20 million virtual doctor visits happening in America each year. By 2020, the number is expected to be 160 million. If that trend continues, the Telemedicine Industry will be worth $34 billion in just three years.

OnCall To The Rescue

OnCall is one such telemedicine company. They’re a network of board-certified providers working together to bring affordable, comprehensive, quality healthcare to the communities they serve. Using a computer, smartphone, or tablet, users can select a provider and speak to a board-certified provider from the comfort of their own home.

OnCall started as a brick and mortar clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. They realized that many of their patients traveled long distances for care. That was a problem because some had transportation and mobility issues. These patients had limited options because their communities lacked local healthcare facilities. So OnCall was started as a way to reach their existing patients without requiring them to leave their homes.

But they soon had more success than they expected. Their telemedicine service was so well received that OnCall has since grown to 18 states and added multiple specialties like Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, Naturopath Doctors, Dieticians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, and Speech Therapists.

Virtual visits start at only $40 compared to the average estimated cost of $136 to $176 for in-person acute care. And scheduling appointments is easy on their website. That means “no more phone tree, no more driving to the doctor’s office, no more getting coughed on in the waiting room, no more endless paperwork to fill out, no more long waits, and no more rushed doctor visits.”

Verifying Healthcare Professionals Remotely

One of OnCall’s most frequently asked questions is how their specialists are verified. Since specialists apply online to be providers for OnCall, the company needs a secure method to ensure that they’re keeping their platform and patients safe and reduce their risk. That’s where GoodHire comes in.

Tom Longchamps, a Co-Founder of OnCall, was tasked with figuring out how to verify new providers. He says he went with GoodHire because, “Goodhire makes it easy for us to submit background check requests and review the results.” Tom estimates that he spends as little as “5 minutes” to submit, track, and review results for each background check. It’s “quick and painless.”

But speed is not the only factor at play. Tom also relies on the GoodHire team to be responsive and help with compliance questions. GoodHire helped OnCall setup custom background checks to make sure they were in compliance with all their applicants in various locations. Across the 18 states OnCall covers, compliance can get tricky. GoodHire’s built-in Adverse Action workflow helps OnCall follow the local, state, and federal laws that pertain to each applicant’s background check.

The Future of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is looking like it can make a big difference in our healthcare system, especially with issues like the opioid addiction crisis, which affects people in rural areas most. Being far away from medical care is even harder for those battling this addiction because the number of providers who specialize in behavioral therapy (a successful treatment for opioid addiction) and can prescribe medicine is rare. Talking to a doctor remotely also removes the stigma someone might feel for seeking addiction treatment in their community.

At GoodHire, we’re proud to be doing our small part to support a company that’s improving access to healthcare for people in rural communities. OnCall’s customers have expressed just how much having a patient, competent, and verified provider conveniently accessible has changed their lives. It gives them peace of mind and helps them live happier healthier lives.

If you’d like to learn more about OnCall, visit oncallhc.com. And get started with GoodHire's employment screening services here

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Sara Korolevich

Sara Korolevich


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