GoodHire Case Studies:
Background Checks At Work

Find out how these companies use GoodHire to streamline employment screening and save time.

Goodwill Houston
Goodwill Houston Screens
Faster And Saves Time
With GoodHire
thredUP Gets A Centralized, More
Efficient Background Check Process
With GoodHire
MHG Hotels
MHG Hotels Adds Background
Checks To Improve Quality Of Hires
And Reduce Risk
Woodgrain Millwork
Woodgrain Millwork Improves
Workplace Safety And Hiring
Practices With GoodHire
Mike Maroone Automotive
Auto Dealer Group Partners With
GoodHire For Fast, Easy-to-Use
Background Checks
  • Quote 1

    Knowing that GoodHire is a platform that’s consistently improving and growing is something that’s really important to us.

    Holly Stevenson, People Operations Manager, thredUP

  • Quote 2

    What I like most about GoodHire is the simplicity of the user interface. I also really like the promptness and ease of reporting, and how easy it is to use on the candidate side.

    Layla Holt, Human Resources Director, Mike Maroone Automotive Group

  • Quote 3

    GoodHire went the distance to customize their screening platform to meet our specific needs—streamlining what had been complex and confusing into a simple and easy process that anyone on our team can use with minimal training.

    Sheri Lytle, VP Human Services, Goodwill Houston

  • Quote 4

    The GoodHire platform empowered our team of 33 human resource professionals to quickly start processing over 1,500 background screens a year with only minimal training.

    Chad P. Smith, VP HR, Woodgrain Millwork

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